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You installed kitchen cabinets to free-up some space in your kitchen, but eventually found that the cabinets are taking up all the space. The utensils and boxes that you planned to keep in your cabinets could not find a house to reside in. This is very common scenario in most of the kitchens. Now you cannot remove the cabinets because it will make your kitchen full of hodge-podge, and you cannot keep them in place as they are taking more space than your expectations.

Solution? Some hacks that may resolve the issue without much expenses and experiments. Here are 10 hidden cabinet hacks that dramatically increase kitchen storage.

1.Pull-out Garbage Bins

Generally, we keep a separate garbage bin in kitchen that does not only take extra space but also looks odd. Also, the adore ruins the ambience of your kitchen. This can be easily resolved by installing pull-out garbage bins.

If you have pull-out cabinets, appoint one of those as your garbage bin. Prefer to choose the lower drawer of your cabinet as bin. The drawer right below the sink or cooking area could be the perfect choice. Put a garbage bag carefully in the drawer and you have a perfectly placed garbage bin in your kitchen.

If you have cabinets with non-removable shelves, consider buying a new set of cabinets or remodel your cabinet to give it a removable shelve.

Pro Tip: place a little bag of baking soda in the bin shelve to absorb stinky odor.

2. Sink tip-out tray

Most of the modern kitchens have fake drawer panels in front of the sink because of lack of space for a real drawer. If you want to have a drawer there without disturbing the sink bowl, installing tip-out tray could be a good choice. This place can be used to store sponges and scrubbers.

To do this, simply buy a kit and fix it on drawer panel. Place the trays carefully in the sink and use this space to store small items like sponges and scrubbers. Your sink area will look much neater.

3. Vertical Pan Storage

Storing your baking pans and sheets vertically may save some extra space in your utensil drawer. Also, it makes easier to access your pans. So if you have lots of baking pans, consider storing them vertically. To do this, buy pre-made pan organizer racks or make a few tweaks in your existing racks. You may also use tension rods to divide the shelves.

4. Pull-out Drawers

With simple shelves, you can only place things in front that makes it difficult for you to access things in back side. This can be easily solved by installing pull-out drawers. These drawers do not only make it easy for you to access things placed at backside but also helps you arrange things as per priority. You may keep things in front that you use often and may store less-used things in back.

Installing pull-out drawers is very easy. You may either buy a pull-out drawer from Cabinet Champ or may create your own with the help of this tutorial. Once you replace your ordinary drawers with pull-out ones, you may see the difference easily.

5. Drawer Organizers

Organizing things in your drawers could be another great hack to free-up some space in your kitchen. This can be easily done with the help of drawer organizers. All it takes is partitioning your drawers. Add some wooden strips in drawer and use it for storing small utensils like spoons, knives and forks.

  1. Custom Spice Shelves

Spice and herb boxes take a lot of space in your kitchen and if not organized properly, they may ruin the beauty of your kitchen. Why not having custom shelves for spice boxes?

Instead of placing spice boxes in a drawer, consider mounting a separate shelf on the wall. All it takes is building a shelf and making horizontal partitions into it. Make partitions of different heights to store boxes of different sizes. However, make sure to install the shelf at a height that allows you to reach the top partition easily.

6. Door-Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Paper towels are one of the most used items in your kitchen and are generally overlooked when it comes to proper storage. People leave the towels rolling over the sink or placed in any drawer. Leaving the paper towel carelessly will not only ruin the beauty of your kitchen but will also make it difficult to find them it required.

You do not need a dedicated shelf to hold paper towel. All you need is a paper towel holder mounted on the back of drawer door. You may easily find these holders online and may install it easily using a few screws.

7. Stacking Shelves

Buying a few stacking shelves will free-up extra space in your kitchen as they make it easy for you to store commonly used utensils. Also, you may separate different utensils easily without much effort. You may easily find wooden or metal stacking shelves online.

  1. Door Storage Shelves

Use your shelf doors as a prominent storage space. Just like the door of your refrigerator, you may add extra shelves on the back of your door and may use this space to store glasses, bottles and boxes.

Best part is – you may add these shelves in all doors of your solid wood kitchen cabinets. However, make sure the shelves do not take much space and do not collide with things in your drawers. Installing these shelves is quite easy and can be done by following this tutorial.

8. Under-Cabinet Toe-Kick Drawers

If you have some free space below cabinets, use this space for some extra storage. Installing toe-kick drawers beneath your cabinets may allow you to find a place to store small things like places, spoons and knives.

If you want to be a little creative with this installation, consider adding push-to-open drawers. It’s easy to find these drawers online but you may also build your own with the help of this tutorial.

So these are 10 hacks that will help you find some extra space in your kitchen. Apply these and get a more organized and uncluttered kitchen.