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Have you ever been to a pristine hotel room and thought, “I wish my bedroom is as beautiful as this room”?

With crisp, freshly laundered sheets, dreamy and cozy bed, soothing scent, smart lighting, and well-curated décor, we cannot judge you for wanting to stay in a luxury hotel room forever. Good thing you don’t need to throw hundreds and thousands for the five-star hotel experience – you can bring the hotel vibe in your very own bedroom.

Stealing the ideas from upscale hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts, here are 9 tricks to transform your regular bedroom into looking and feeling like a luxurious suite.

1. Update your bed linens

Forget the frills: It’s all about the bed – the big, comfy, and fragrant bed.

The mix of fresh sheets and soothing linen spray is the secret recipe for an amazing night’s sleep. Ditch your old bed linens with a new set of sheets that are freshly laundered and pressed. When shopping for linens, a top-quality crisp cotton percale fabric is your best bet. For a hotel-like aroma, spray kiss it with lavender or rose essential oils.

2. Two words: Triple Sheeting

Next to ensuring a high-grade set of sheets, it’s time to make your bed, five-star hotel style.

Triple sheeting refers to a style of bed-making that uses multiple layers of sheets, blankets, and duvet covers to elevate the look of the bed while keeping it comfortable and hygienic.

How to triple-sheet a bed:

  • Step 1: Create the Foundation (First Layer)
    Place a fitted sheet over the mattress in the usual way.
  • Step 2: Place Middle sheet (Second Layer)
    A flat sheet goes on next. Make sure you lay it evenly and smoothly on all sides. Lift the sheet until the top hem meets the headboard.
  • Step 3: Add Filling or Warmth Layer
    Place the down the blanket/comforter/duvet evenly over the flat sheet, approximately 6 inches short of the headboard/ top of the mattress.
  • Step 4: Place Top Sheet (Third Layer)
    Place the top sheet over the blanket/comforter/duvet, connecting it to the edge of the mattress.
  • Step 5: Fold
    Fold the top of both sheets back 6 inches. Your blanket should not be included in the fold. Now, take two flat sheets and the blanket and fold down another 6 inches.
  • Step 6: Tuck them in
    Tuck in both top sheets and the blanket beneath the foot of the mattress. Tuck the sides in to create a smooth corner.
  • Step 7: Finishing Touches
    Throw in some plush pillows. Four to five pillows are ideal. Place a nice bed saddle or a soft faux fur throw blanket for a five-star appeal.

3. Go for a Calm Color Palette

Want to create a relaxing yet luxurious vibe? Stick to a no-frills neutral color palette.

A neutral color palette, whether it’s warm or cool, leads to a calm, serene sense of mind. Think of colors like ivory, cream, taupe, tan, gray, and muted tones, then use black, earthy brown, and metallic accents. You can paint your walls yourself or hire professional home builders to do the job. 

Go beyond walls – make drapery, upholstery, lighting fixtures, furniture pieces, and other accessories work together to create a tranquil space you can escape to after a long day.

4. Decorate with white

You can never go wrong with a pristine white palette – just think about sleeping on a crisp white bed, against white walls, next to white draperies. White does many wonders, from making the room seem bigger to making it appear clean, refreshing, and elegant, just like how a hotel room should be.

If you want color, let white be your unifying element as it works both for understated neutral tones and bold and rich tones.

5. Scrimp not on your window treatment

Don’t you love waking up late from a deep sleep without the nagging tug of early morning light? Get the same luxury hotel experience at home using the conventional hotel formula for window treatments.

Combine a layer of sheer curtains and a blackout layer for maximum room darkening. Have blackout shades/curtains custom-sized for your windows, and then add a sheer curtain for privacy, light filtering, and softness. Unless you’re going for an old-fashioned look, avoid droopy valances and swags that collect dust.

6. Add a drapery focal wall

Draperies make a quick, striking focal wall.

Create a soft wall of fabric behind your bed by installing curtain rods onto the ceiling. Aside from bringing in a quick luxurious touch, draperies can also add height and intimacy to your bedroom and hide possible eyesores on walls.

7. Set the mood with light fixtures

We envy a standard hotel room’s multiple light sources: elaborate overhead lighting, bedside wall sconces, table lamps, and bathroom lights. To get the similar experience, focus on two things: aesthetics and function.

Think of what the actual fixture looks like and the effect you want it to provide. For the sleeping area, splurge on light fixtures you can dim and adjust. For your work desk, choose bright lights.

8. Embellish with a few luxuries

Don’t forget the little details that make a hotel room look and feel high-end. Luxurious details can go as huge as elaborate lampshades, statement mirror, and framed art, or it can be as small as glass and water carafe, scented candles, antique figurines, and glossy coffee table centerpieces.

9. Punch up with fresh flowers

Flowers make an instant elegant table piece. No need for an expensive bouquet – a simple arrangement in a glass vase would suffice. Stick to one type of gentle type of flower that won’t make you sneeze, like garden roses, tulips, hyacinth, and peonies.

10. Declutter

Need I say more? No matter how cozy your bed is or how fancy your décor and lighting fixtures are, your room won’t look hotel-worthy with clutter. Dispose your junk and invest in mod storage pieces you can easily hide and tuck in to create a spacious, sleep-friendly, and five-star hotel quality bedroom.