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Creating a feature wall is a great way to transform your space without spending a lot of money and time. For years, the paint was people’s go-to way to create a feature wall, but now, there are other ways you can achieve an accent wall effect.

Create a bathroom backsplash

Not many people even consider creating a feature wall in a bathroom, but why not? Here you can use tiles instead of paint and achieve a beautiful accent backsplash. Opt for gentle green tiles behind your sink and faucet arranged in a herringbone pattern that’s a great alternative to the regular stacked pattern. Both the color of the tiles and the arranging pattern add interest to the space and make it glow with sophistication.


Stripes all the way

Bring back the glamour of the 1920s with fabulous feature wallpaper. Get charcoal stripes on a white background and the room will be packed with personality. Finish off the look with a few decorative pieces such as a picture or a big luxury chandelier, and dress your bed in soft pastel colors to break the monotony of black and white.

Plaster up

Even though people almost always choose to cover plasterwork, it can be a great accent piece of every decorating scheme. For instance, start out with the pinkish, terracotta tone that’s warm and exotic. When you combine it with velvet and woven textures, it makes will transform your room into a unique tactile experience.


Playful and sophisticated

If you want your dining room to have that jazz bar mood, set the tone with a feature wallpaper with dark colors and gold details. Darker colors provide depth and mystery, while golden features offer a touch of playfulness and luxury. You can finish off the look with some modern dining furniture set and your dinner parties will instantly become more interesting and glamorous.

Make an indoors mural

Today, big murals are not reserved only for buildings. So, if you think a simple paint accent wall is too boring and intricate wallpaper a bit over-the-top, murals might be the thing for you. Go big with a mural on one wall of your living room or dining area. You can opt for a rustic woodland vibe with nature scenes or take an urban path with a cityscape. If you combine it with furniture that complements the mural’s hues, you’ll end up with a cohesive space that will spark the interest of everyone who sets foot in your home.

timberpaneling wall

Timber for the win

Another great way to boost an interest of your walls is to clad them with timber. You can opt for real wooden boards or choose panels that are easier to install. No matter what you choose, timber will add texture to your space, but still, keep it fairly simple and sophisticated. You can also paint the wood any color you like if you need some customization.

marble wallpaper ideas

Luxury marble

Even though any wallpaper works great on an accent wall, one quite unique option is marble design. Marble is huge in interior design, so this is an easy and cheap way to board the hype train. Get easy peel-on-peel-off wallpaper that you can remove without a fuss once you get tired of the look.

mirror, painting

Paintings, photos, and mirrors

Consider using decorative accessories to make one of your walls different. Using hanging mirrors of different sizes and frames or put up some artwork. And remember those photographs you intended on displaying? Try picking a few and carefully custom framing them for the best effect.

Practical and fun

Cork, like other natural materials, is quite popular this year. Forget about those classic framed cork boards and go big! Cover one wall with cork and you’ll not only have an interesting feature wall, but also a place to pin your photos, to-do lists, memories, and mementos.


Wall molding

If you think your space needs some texture, you can consider wall molding. Just like timber panels, you can combine these molds to create unique designs and achieve the desired effect. They can also be painted, so go crazy.

So, now that you have plenty of inspiration, choose your feature wall and get to work!