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Whether you’re seeking an inexpensive way to accessorize your home to enhance its beauty, or storage items to control your clutter, baskets are a great solution.

That’s right; something so simple and common, that many of us have tucked away in the closet from former gifts received, can be used for an array of purposes.

Besides their multitude of uses, baskets are widely sold, durable and work for any budget.

(If you don’t happen to have any on hand now). I’ve often scored beautiful, unique baskets from local dollar stores, thrift shops, and even yard sales.

And you should too.

I’m betting you’ll appreciate how easy they are to work with. There are no bulky tools to be used, special hardware, nor fancy hanging apparatus required. A few nails, a hammer, and maybe some type of glue or adhesive—and you’re good to go.

Here Are A Few Ideas You’ll Want To Try 

For Your Next Home Improvement Project:

For Decorating

  • Wall Art—Combine colorful baskets of different sizes, shapes and hues, and discover how they make great wall art! I use them to add a playful touch to the kitchen area of my basement.
  • Eye Candy For The Kid’s Room—Baskets are ideal for the kid’s room, as they are typically kid proof and a fun addition to any theme or decor.
  • Accessorize Your Desk—Place one on your office desk to add warmth, color and texture. Or use one as a corner waste basket.
  • Plant Holders—Baskets are great for housing starter plants or even as an outside container to existing plant pots, to add a bit of visual variety.

For Storage

  • A Toy Holder—Baskets are very useful for storing things like dolls, teddy bears, model cars and story books, for a quick and fast clean-up.
  • A Mini Hamper—Place them around the house to gather stray socks, gym clothes, towels.
  • A Catch-All In The Washroom-–Baskets in my washroom are functional as they serve as pretty containers for odds and ends like sponges, nail polish, candles, potpourri. I have a fuchsia colored one that matches my shower curtains that I scored from a local store for less than a buck!
  • To Hold Newspapers And Magazines—Use as a temporary container for periodicals, until you catch up with your weekly reading, or long-term (as the situation dictates).
  • For Mail—To sort and organize incoming and outgoing items, as well as junk mail to be tossed.
  • Use Them In The Kitchen— Place them in the kitchen for food items such as bread, fruit, or to hold plastic utensils and paper plates.

As you can see, baskets have an assortment of uses that will allow you to make your home more attractive, organized and functional.

Choose whatever style suits you. They come in a variety of materials and

forms–with the most typical being wire, fabric or wicker.

Get creative here: use one type (perhaps in your favorite color), for a more cohesive look or a combination of several fun styles.

You’ll soon discover how easy it is to integrate and innovate with baskets.

Follow these guidelines, for a home decor that has warmth, beauty, interest and visual variety.

Authored By : Jennifer Brown Banks

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