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Go Crazy with Colorful Rugs!

Lately I was thinking about to buying rugs for my bedroom because I wanted to give some extreme look to my bedroom that’s why I planned to buy colorful rugs.Today’s trend has been changed everyone want to add new things that they are crazy about. For me I want to decorate my room with rugs and colorful wallpapers with lighting effects.Because wallpapers gives new edge to your room when you enters in room so first of all you look to on your wall if you have natural or colorful wallpapers that will work for you as a refreshment and you will forget your tiredness in few seconds.

A rug also plays a vital role in room decoration it’s add new comfort in your room provide ovation and they work for you as focal point. You can relocate rugs easily from one room to another room you can clean easily through vacuum cleaners, rugs are durable and maintenance of rugs are quite cheap.

All the rooms are looking awesome because of colorful rugs as you can notice in pictures. A rug gives new edge to your room.
I love all these over dyed rugs that I am showing you on my blog ahead. All are perfect?

I was using an overdyed rug in my bedroom from long time so I got bored with this rug so I decided to buy new rug for my room and I shifted old rug in my entrance area of my house. Now old rug looking great in that area and gave new edge to my home.

If you like to give bit bold look to your room so you can choose Surya rugs that are available at Rugs USA All these Surya rugs are pretty? Isn't it?


Do you love vintage or patchwork over dyed rugs which are colorful and stylish too? I have bought these vintage rugs.


If you want to buy rugs that are cheap in cost and you can afford them easily so I am showing you Chandra rugs that you can pick easily. These rugs are just awesome.


Another rug that I will suggest you and that is Moroccan rug, a perfect rug that suits on modern outfit. I must say about this rug it is unique as well as durable. It can be costly but these rugs always feel you new and warmth look so don’t miss these rugs.


Now i am showing you another high budget rug and this one is Sari silk rug. This rug is quite costly but these are latest rugs in this industry, when you will touch this rug so you will feel softness that you would have not felt before and this rug is shiny with combination of various colors.


If you have tight budget and you can’t buy rugs that I shown you above then i have one more option for you now I am showing you clearance rugs from RUGS DIRECT. I also have these rugs and they are my favorite rugs.

So these are some great colorful rugs I hope you would like my rug collection. I just want to ask one thing, where do you shop for rugs?

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Haris Saeed

Haris is a Digital marketer and Guest blogger, as an editor at Home Decor Expert, Haris spends his time to search latest home decorating trends, writing about home decor and home improvement to help HDE community.

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  1. Thanks James for your wonderful Blog, i was looking for a blog that can guide me about rugs price, and i got the information here..A big thanks to you!

  2. I loved all the rugs that you shown on your blog..specially Sari silk.. i had not seen before this type of rugs this one is really unique...