Organic Homespun Moroccan Rugs

Today I am going to tell you something about home decorating tips which I got in my last visit of Morocco. A floor is most important part of home decorating. A repulsive floor may embarrass you in front of guest so here is a great idea to cover awful floor through rugs.

A rug is simplest way to cover you empty area and it makes your floor cozy too. Now we talk about Moroccan rugs that are weaves in Morocco but now a days these rugs are also weaves in India, Nepal and other Asian countries.
If you are looking for a organic Moroccan rug so I would prefer to buy it from genuine Moroccan rug seller because duplicate Moroccan rug are also available in market in cheap cost. Because of its common structure, weavers can copy the design of this rug.

A Moroccan rug made of original wool and this hand knotted rug is mostly available in geometrical design. Moroccan beni ourain rugs are getting more popular in America and Europe because Moroccan rugs add warmth, cozy feel in your modern style room and they are perfect for modern interiors.
In Moroccan people give Moroccan rugs as a gift in marriages apart from that they offer this rug in traditional culture programs. You can see in Morocco that every home will have a Moroccan tribal rug spared out on the floor. They represent the Moroccan culture through this rug.

Apart from culture what makes different a Moroccan rug? This unique style and dessert themed colors makes it different from other modern rugs. They mostly have brown, beige, black or white colors.

If you are going to choose Moroccan rug so don't forget about Moroccan culture, that are you carrying with your Moroccan tribal rug. 

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