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Most homes today have garages either attached to them or
standing separately on the property. Whether you use your garage to house your
cars or as storage space for your stuff, you want to make sure you can get in
and out whenever you need to. Keeping your garage door maintained and in good
working order will help to ensure you don’t run into problems. Here are some
garage door maintenance tips for the everyday homeowner.

Change the Batteries

If your garage door remote and/or keypad start to seem like
they aren’t working right, it’s time to change the batteries. Signs that the
batteries are failing include having to push the remote button several times to
get the door open or only being able to open it from close up. If you
experience these issues, you should change the batteries right away, rather
than waiting for your remote to fail.

Perform Everyday Maintenance

Your garage door will function at its best if you perform
everyday maintenance tasks. This can include oiling the springs, cleaning out
the tracks and using canned air to clean off the motor. Some companies, like Shank Door, know
that doing these sorts of maintenance tasks will help ensure that your garage
door operates properly and that it lasts longer without having any problems.

Fix Damage Right Away

If your garage door becomes damaged, such as from a car
hitting it or from high winds, you should get it fixed right away, even if it
still operates. A door with a dent in it can sustain more damage from being
used even if it seems to go up and down OK. Likewise, a damaged door can do
damage to the track and other parts of your garage door system if you keep
using it.

Keep Items Away From Your Door

Although you probably use your garage for storage of some
things, you need to take care to keep items and debris away from your garage
door. One of the most common problems that interferes with garage door
operation is debris or objects that get in front of the sensors or that knock
the sensors out of alignment. When this happens, the door won’t open or close.
Checking regularly to ensure the areas around the sensors are clear will ensure
your door operates properly.

Proper garage door operation is essential, and following
these tips will help ensure it. They don’t take much time or effort and are
something just about any homeowner can do.

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