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Here at Brosawe often write about dining chairs, sofas and ottomans sowe thought it was high time we gave armchairs and occasional chairs some much deserved attention.

Because armchairs and occasional chairs perform an important function in any house. They add such elegance and taste to a living room; there’s really no other chair that feels as good to curl up and read a good book on, or to watch your favourite TV show.

The thing we love about armchairs is how timeless they are. In a way, they transcend chair design trends. With that said, there are definitely tips and trends that’ll help you select the best quality armchair.

Furniture trends: gauging what’s hot

Towards the end of 2016, we ran a country-wide furniture style survey to find out what Australia’s favourite furniture styles are.

Having asked more than 3,700 respondents for their preferences, we were able to pinpoint that ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ styles are most popular. Australians are clearly gravitating towards the clean, streamlined looks.

The modern style represents clean lines, simple colours and minimalism that refers to the era of post-industrial furniture. Modern armchairs are normally raised to guarantee that airy, open feel, with minimal embellishments and sparse details.

But contemporary furniture is all about the present. It’s essentially furniture being designed right now. It’s malleable, always changing, and borrowing facets of different styles and iconic pieces. You’ll often find clean lines, simple shapes and natural materials mixed with industrial elements.

Reading the wind of other furniture trends

With this knowledge about furniture styles, it’s important to consider some of the overarching global furniture trends:

Magical Escapism

A surreal, magical direction is emerging, which is linked to the multitude of fantasy-themed entertainment currently in hot demand. In times of turmoil and uncertainty, fantastical installations and products are ideal to immerse oneself into, offering respite from visualand social media noise, and often bringing up a smile.

Examples of this include, but are not limited to: masks, busts, tribal figures, wands, crystal balls, gem stones, silky tassels and odd shaped lights.

Scandinavian Cosiness

An interesting trend we noticed in the aforementioned furniture style survey is the growing attention to Scandinavian designs by younger generations, welcomed perhaps because of a resurgence in Scandinavian pop culture and growth in Scandinavian-inspired design stores.

Another reason is politics. When people want to feel safe, they spend more time at home. This certainly helps explain why cosy and hygge are such big words on Instagram.

Cosiness encompasses comfort. Imagine burrowing away from the emotionally overwhelming and taking pleasurein gentle, soothing things. Think a fireplace or candlelight, hot chocolate and, furniture-wise, anything that has texture – cashmere, mohair and the like.

This can be delicate and almost ethereal, revolving around transparency and lightness – a floating cloud for a light, trays and pastel-like furniture. But it can also be infused with warm colours and tones.

Photograph by Valentyn Volkov / Alamy


At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who see the political world invading their personal space and absorb it openly. So with the world as it is, this can take the form of Russian-style propaganda posters (stark, sharply drawn red white and black art) or overt statements like a country’s flag draped over a sofa.

Those endorsing the political trend reject the idea of autonomous art and instead place importance of individuality, art and love and their political beliefs. This comes out in furniture mostly in subliminal or subtle ways…the quote on a cushion for example, but really, much like a political movement, it can manifest in many ways.

Colour and Material Trends for Armchairs

Dark tones

This embrace of nocturnal shades across hospitality, retail and residential alike is here to stay, after being popularised in recent seasons, in particular by Nordic-inspired brands (possibly due to its dark police dramas now a hit with Western audiences).

We’ve noticed a huge uptake for dark, strong colour tones for interiors that work tinted darks into highly sophisticated compositions and matte yet soft materials, which really take over the space and make it its own.



Some of us who aren’t fans of this dark colour emergence might head very much in the opposite direction, favouring the orangey pink family of coral, ginger, burnt ochres and terracotta colours. #IHAVETHISTHINGWITHPINK will likely remain a popular hashtag this year.


Armed with this knowledge, Brosa has tried to cater their armchair and occasional chair ranges to match.chair fabric trends

Brosa’sSaffron armchair, for example, incorporates the sleek, contemporary lines proving so popular with furniture lovers across the country. It also works beautifully with the dark tones in vogue this year.

Another product that ticks the boxes is this gem of a mid-century modern armchair called Loki. Its light wooden legs and soft, pastel fabric make it perfect for a Scandinavian style setting or a modern apartment.

Pia accent chair

The last piece of furniture we’d like to highlight is the Pia accent chair, a contemporary stunner that features a lovely, pastel pink finish. It’s bold, bright and beautiful.

Check out ourlatest range of on-trend armchairs here, and don’t forget to view the full results from our recent furniture style survey, one of the most comprehensive ever to be undertaken in Australia.

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