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Wood-burning and multifuel stoves have become extremely popular over the last few years. While many people are fully aware of what they have to offer, what are the benefits of a wood-burning stove? We will now take a look at various aspects of this very popular product which has perhaps a lot more to offer than many people realise.

Highly efficient wood-burning stoves 

The efficiency rating across the wood-burning stove industry does vary but many stoves now offer an efficiency rating in excess of 80%. This means that more than 80% of the fuel burned is turned into energy which is used to heat your room. This is a phenomenal rating by any stretch of imagination and while many people focus on the environmentally friendly aspect of wood-burning stoves, that is not all they have to offer!

There are even some stoves today which offer additional technology which injects warm air into the combustion chamber allowing excess fumes to be burnt off. So not only are these excess fumes converted into heat, which is then pumped out into your room, but this new technology also reduces emissions. As soot emissions are reduced this can extend the life of your stove and the flue system.

A style for every occasion 

Whether you are looking for a contemporary or a traditional style wood-burning stove there is something for every occasion. While many customers tend to go for the more contemporary look these days, there is still a strong trend in traditional stoves which often hide the latest technology under the hood. If you ask anybody who has a wood-burning stove, they very quickly become the focal point of any room and a great conversation starter when you are entertaining.

The size of stoves available not to mention the option of an inset stove or a stand-alone product will certainly give you something to think about. We even have double sided stoves, stoves with the large glass doors and they come in all shapes and sizes. As competition has increased in the stove market so we have seen a reduction in prices which has drawn more people towards this particular area of home decor.

Environmentally friendly stoves 

In the UK there are a growing number of DEFRA approved stoves which are tested and approved by the government for use in smoke controlled areas. These are areas where air pollution is a major concern and therefore there are restrictions on the type of fuel which can be used. DEFRA approved stoves are structured in such a way as to minimise the creation of smoke by keeping a constant minimal airflow. Traditional stoves offer the option to cut off the airflow which extends the combustion process but also creates smoke.

DEFRA approved stoves in the UK, to take one example, are proving to be extremely popular and while they cost a little bit extra this has not impacted sales. When you also take into account the ability to replace trees as and when they are used to fuel wood-burning stoves this is great for the environment. Research also suggests that the carbon dioxide released when burning wood in a stove is no greater than that absorbed by a tree during its lifetime. Carbon neutral!

Stove spare parts 

In years gone by it was sometimes difficult to obtain replacement spare parts when your stove suffered general wear and tear. The modern day stove may look like those of yesteryear but behind-the-scenes they contain an array of the latest technology as well as traditional parts. At some stage parts of any stove will suffer from general wear and tear and need replaced – thankfully there is a very fluid stove spare parts market today. It is literally a case of logging onto the Internet, searching for the part you are after and when you check out it will be with you in literally a couple of days.

The idea of replacing your stove because you were unable to find spare parts is a thing of the past. The industry we see today is unrecognisable to that of 20 years ago as the sector continues to embrace the new era of the Internet.

This post was written by Mark Benson of Bowland Stoves, a company offering an array of stoves, replacement parts and accessories. For further information please visit www.bowlandstoves.co.uk

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