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You may be one of the many city or town dwellers who just doesn’t have much outdoor space, and head to your local park or the closest countryside if you want some wide open spaces. Most people today live in towns and cities.

However, getting in your car or the train to visit the countryside doesn’t make a lot of sense, and of course, it can be costly and time-consuming just to get there. If you are a city dweller, it may surprise you to learn that there is an easy way to enjoy a green space without leaving your home. You can enjoy an appealing and relaxing green space literally outside your door, by following these useful tips.

Make That Small Space Appear Larger

Even the smallest outside space can look appealing and can give the illusion of being larger than it actually is, once you understand the basics of design. However, if your goal is to have a little green oasis just outside your back door, it’s important to do some thorough research and planning before actually commencing any work. Different materials and plants can affect the overall look and design, and having an understanding of this can help to make the process much more efficient.

One of the most effective tips for any small outdoor space is to make sure you properly space out your plants and other items and don’t be tempted to cram as many things in there as you can. Having realistic expectations for your finished design and how much maintenance it will need are two factors that are important to the success of any landscaping project.

Create a Focal Point

A small birdbath, fountain or other feature incorporated into the overall design can help to make even a small outdoor space interesting and visually appealing. Small rocks or stones are one option, and a pile or grouping of these can transform an outdoor space, and if the stones have a personal meaning or remind you of something, the effect is even stronger. If you are adding such features, make sure they are inexpensive and easy to install and don’t require too much maintenance or care.

It may be possible to grow your garden outwards if you live in the suburbs, although this approach may not work if you live in a city or town, as space may be limited. Instead, consider extending your garden or outdoor space upwards – raised flower beds or a container garden can add a vertical feel to your space, giving the effect of making it seem larger than it really is.

Color and Harmony

Small outdoor spaces can seem not only larger, but more inviting and attractive if you use color sensibly, and color is one of the key elements when it comes to landscape design. Try to combine creativity and harmony when deciding what colors will look good in your small garden.

The Alberta Pine and the Blue Spruce both incorporate blue and green, two colors that are commonly used to make a small outdoor space seem more spacious. Of course, you can and should experiment with other combinations too; there are plenty of color combinations that will look attractive, and also give you that much-appreciated illusion of a bigger space. If you would like to expand your knowledge concerning landscaping, don’t hesitate to visit http://www.buildgreatfarms.com.

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