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You think your room is too small for having a bed and a desk in it at the same time? Are you having a hard time in choosing its design and furniture? Don’t know how to make a tiny room feel cozy and comfortable? If all these questions are what keep your mind busy then you are in the right place in search of their answers.

Home design is an important thing as it can be greatly decisive in how you feel in your house or apartment. Your bedroom is especially to be paid attention to as it’s the place where you should find peace and harmony for a good rest. A lot of people who have tiny rooms often come across the problem of designing them in the right way so as to both save space and feel comfortable. A few right touches and you’ll forget that your room seemed to be too tiny for even an average-size bed.

After a careful research, Reviews Bee has brought together the 10 simplest and most space-saving design solutions for your tiny rooms. We are sure that you’ll find the best choice for your room among them. Keep reading to find out more details about these designs and forget about all the bad thoughts that worried you regarding your tiny room – you do have enough space for everything needed, and no, you will not feel “jailed” in your room – simply follow our small tips given below.

10 Simple Space-Saving Design Solutions for Your Tiny Rooms

#1. Use Space-Saving Furniture: Work-Sleep Sets

It’s no news that in a tiny room you’re supposed to have space-saving furniture items. But these, as well, should be chosen carefully. If you are choosing a bed then let it be, so to say, a multi-functional one. You can buy a bed that combines a desk with it if you are planning to work in your room. Work-sleep sets are quite all-inclusive. You can have book shelves in your desk, add additional shelves for storage under it or use the free space under your desk for placing your bags and other stuff.

U Space-Saving Furniture

#2. Use Space-Saving Furniture: Beds with Storage Underneath

If the desk is not a must-have for you in a bedroom then the best choice would be a bed with storage underneath.  They save a lot of space that additional shelves or a wardrobe might have occupied. You can freely put your clothes, bags, books and other such stuff in the storage of your bed. The space saved this way can be used for owning a small sofa or a tiny table with cushion chairs – whatever suits your taste.

Beds with Storage Underneath

#3. Use Space-Saving Furniture: Air Mattresses

What can be a more space-saving piece of furniture than a simple air-mattresse? There is a great variety of air mattresses available on the market – you should make your choice based on the actual size of your room, its design and colouring. The Moroccan-inspired floor cushions are what a tiny room “might approve of.” These cushions can be used as beds and sofas. They come in different sizes and styles. The right choice will get you a cozy room with a small bed for nighttime and a comfortable sofa for daytime. 

Air Mattresses

#4. Light Colours the Key to More Space

A tiny room might scare people who have claustrophobia. But as it always is the case, home decore changes everything. A few simple touches and your tiny space will “make you breathe again.” Light colours are what you should think of first, they will visually open up the space of your room – paint the walls in white or sky-blue and the feeling of free space will return.

Light Colours the Key to More Space

#5. Keep Expanding the Space of Your Tiny Room – Use Mirrors

If the light colour was not enough to make you feel comfortable in a tiny room, then another home design solution to it are mirrors. This items of furniture will not only visually enlarge your room but will also be needed for your everyday use. Using mirrors in a tiny room is probably the simplest way of making it seem larger. You can save space by hanging a mirror on the wall that also contains a small shelf within where you can store your stuff. Moreover, if your house structure allows that, try buying a built-in shelf with mirror-doors that’s large enough to occupy at least a third of your room wall.

Tiny Room – Use Mirrors

#6. Nightstands: What to Do with Them in a Tiny Room?

Can’t go without a nightstand in your small room but don’t know where to locate it? Well, here are a few solutions to help you out in that issue:

  • Have your nightstand mount on the wall: it will save you a space for walking in your room if it’s too tiny.
  • Hang shelves on the walls instead – this way you can store your books neatly in them too.
  • Another solution to the nightstand issue is a deep window sill.
  • Above all, you can have a deep wall-mounted shelf that can also be used as a desk. You will be able to sit comfortably on your bed and do your work.
  • Use the space above your headboard for additional shelves too. Make sure the shelves don’t hinder you from sitting up comfortably in your bed. 


#7. Small Benches for Saving More Space

Without a doubt, it’s great to have an armchair in a bedroom but if it’s a small one then you are expected to be saving some space. A storage ottoman or a bench is what a tiny room needs. Choose one that comes with concealed storage to fill your stuff in as well as is stylish and comfortable.

#8. Expand Your Tiny Room by Creative Wall Designs

In home decore the palette of the walls of your room is no less important in the creation of comfort than the furniture. Of course, mainly it’s a matter of subjective choice but in a tiny room choosing light colours as mentioned above or having your walls designed in stripes will by all means add visual space to the room. Walls with patterns are a creative and pretty design solution for tiny rooms.

Creative Wall Designs

#9. Use the Breath of Nature

If a tiny room has many windows then it’s a paradise for those who hate being in compact spaces but have to. There is nothing better than natural light – it makes the room breathe and expands its space visually. Use your windows in the right way and don’t rush to hang dark coloured curtains!

#10. Slanted Ceilings

Things might get a bit more difficult if your room is not only tiny but also comes with a slanted ceiling. However, the right choice of colours and furniture will do the job for you. The first thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t fill a room with a slanted ceiling with too many shelves or furniture items. Instead, choose small bookshelves and nice storage sets that will balance the lack of wall-mounted storage out. The room would be more pleasant and comfy if your slanted ceiling is also a window. The look to the sky combined with the right home design will actually make you feel like in heaven.

Slanted Ceilings

Having the customer-oriented policy as the main principle of our Reviews Bee team, we always work to provide reliable information on all products and services that are of crucial interest to our customers. Due to our thorough research you will be able to save lots of time and find the product you need in a matter of seconds. The team of professionals always bases its rankings on expert evaluations as well as customer reviews.

So if you are looking for any product and service, in this specific case, for a design solution for your tiny room, then simply go through the above list and be sure to find, if not the exact design solution, then at least the key leading to it. Save your time and get the best design solution for your tiny room with Reviews Bee.

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