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If you’re reading this blog you’re most likely considering the new range of boilers from Vaillant.

The Vaillant brand of boilers has been one of the most popular boilers in the UK for many years now. Most homeowners and trade alike are aware of the brand and how much influence it has had on the continuing development of boilers.

There is also the fact that it is German and like all their manufacturing it is synonymous with quality and reliability. Whilst a German brand, Vaillant boilers have actually been assembled in the UK for many years now, and the UK production line for the brand is one of the best within the Vaillant group.

With such brand recognition behind them it was inevitable that a new range would come along soon enough and the ecofit Pure range is designed to be a breeze to fit whilst being very compact. The market in the UK is really competitive one and homeowners are always demanding more desirable prices and more affordable heating. The guest post below kindly provided by a specialist boiler installation company in Liverpool delves a little deeper into the new range

The New ecoFit Pure range

The introduction of the Vaillant ecoFit Pure has opened another avenue of places and people who want to not only fit the boiler but have it fitted in their house.

Lightweight, very easy to install, compact enough to fit into a cupboard and the LED display is bright and clear and shows the homeowner whats happening with the boiler during operation and will also display faults should they develop.

The Ecofit Pure is also available in the most popular ranges so is suited to nearly all properties either as a combi boiler, conventional or a system installation.

In addition, it can facilitate a rear outlet flue kit which used to be a key element of the slightly older technology Vaillant and a few of its challengers like the Potterton Netaheat, Profile and Glow-worm Swiftflow and Compact designs as well as the popular Saunier Duval boilers like the Thema and Thelia.

About the Author

In all posts that we produce here at Regain Heating Solutions we always want to make sure that new technology fits our customer base and actually brings something new to the game. The ecoFIT Pure is ideal for our Liverpool based clients as it ticks all the right boxes, quality led design and production, a pain-free installation which cuts down on cost to consumers and the range is seriously efficient. So Vaillant have carried out a very good job and for those who would like more information on this range or you have another boiler in mind then contact us.

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