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Looking for a model fan for your home or office in this summer season? I think a tower fan can give you much comfortable and relaxation in the hot weather. The pros and cons of tower fan may impress you to choice the right type of fan for your home.

I am living in Arizona, and the average temperature during summer is approximately 80.05°F.  During summer seasons, the sun burns almost everything it gets. I don’t have a big budget for summer cooling system. Thus, Air conditioner will be too much expensive for me. My wife wanted to buy a tower fan. But, she was willing to buy very cheap one, and I didn’t have her choice. Then I did a proper research on online checked the best tower fan models and the features of the tower fan. As it has my first tower fan, it took two days to find the best and perfectly suitable one for my home.

Well, I am going to make things easy for the new buyer of this excellent oscillating fan. This pros and cons of the tower fan can give a very good knowledge about this fan.


It comes with variety design, price, and features. When I was researching online, I found that every successful tower fan manufacturer has unique design and features. The price varied with features and design.

Sleek and Slim. I have a space problem in my home as my apartment is only 800 square feet. But my first newly bought tower fan took a very small space in my room. Thanks to its sleek and slim design.

Multitasked. A tower fan can do multiple tasks. Some high-class tower fan brands come with air filtration or heating features. So it can be used as an air purifier or a heater and save a lot of money.

Easy Portable. My tower fan is very lightweight, and the weight of it is about 13 pounds. I can carry it from my bedroom to living room easily when I weekend party is going on in the house.

Noiseless. I am very sensitive to the noise when I am sleeping. But my tower fan doesn’t create any problem with the noise level. It’s very quiet, and I barely hear any sound.

Energy Saver. My tower fan has automatic shutoff feature. I set the timer when I go to sleep, and the fan is automatically at the time I programmed.


Cooling efficiency. A tower fan can’t cool a room as an air conditioner. It moves the air with high velocity and cools the body temperature. Tower fan takes time to cool a space. It flows the hot air outside of the windows and cools the room.

Low air flow. If you compare the air flow speed of a tower fan with a pedestal fan, then you will notice that the airspeed is little bit lower than the pedestal fan. But tower fan circulates air more efficiently than a pedestal fan.

I think you will not regard after purchasing a good quality tower fan and it will definitely increase the cooling system efficiency of your home or office. I recommend choosing a high class brand like Dyson, Lasko or Honeywell as they manufacture very high graded tower fans.

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