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Forget about marble, copper and subway tiles! 2017 is all about embracing warm materials and colours that come from nature. If you are designing or redesigning your home, and want it to be up-to-date with interior design trends, we’ve prepared 7 top trends for you.

Natural materialsNatural materials

Forget about tiles in cool and white tones, and embrace warm materials such as terracotta and cork. These materials are not only trendy, but they are perfect if you want to bring some warmth and texture in your space. Cork is also amazing for those who have noise problems, because it’s ideal for sound absorption. We might also see entire walls covered with cork to reduce noise, as well as pin notes, reminders and artwork in home offices and children’s bedrooms.

Tropical prints

Fashion and interior design work closely together, and it’s no secret that big fashion names like Marc Jacobs, Prada and Emanuel Ungaro love to experiment with tropical prints. During last year in particular, you had a chance to see all things tropical taking the runways by storm. Tropical print can be seen on wallpapers and fabrics, and it is present in big in-your-face elements as well as small details. For instance, you don’t have to get rainforest print furniture, but only decorate your plain sofa with some interesting tropically patterned pillows.

Dark green and GreeneryDark green and Greenery

When it comes to colours, green is what you should look for. Forget about navy and midnight blue and welcome the dark green. It’s perfect for bedrooms and you can also use it in furniture or décor items as an accent colour. It adds depth, brings in the colours from nature and it’s a perfect backdrop for Scandinavian style spaces.

Greenery is another trendy colour. It’s Pantone’s Color of the Year and since its announcement it became an instant hit. If you’re looking to bring your space to life and go back to nature, it’s the perfect colour for you.

Geometric patterns

In 2017 we will see more and more interesting geometric patterns that remind us of ancient cultures and civilizations such as African, South American or Asian. However, they will be modernized and simplified into lines or triangles.

Statement mirrorsStatement mirrors

If you got tired of plain white medicine cabinets in bathrooms, then you’ll love this trend. Say hello to statement mirrors. Put them in interesting wooden or vintage frames, or opt for a modern design with backlighting. Instant style.

Sunrooms and nooks

Sunrooms and nooks are getting more and more popular with homeowners. They are perfect for relaxing from the stressful everyday life and provide a real oasis of peace. Think relaxing furniture like deep sofas, cozy bean bags, sheepskin covers, knitted wool rugs and soft floor cushions. Sunrooms and nooks are not so difficult to create even when you think you don’t have enough space. You can consult with architecture companies such as Superdraft from Sydney which will advise you on how and where you can add your escapist heaven.

Upholstered bedheadsUpholstered bedheads

2017 is all about upholstered bedheads that replace simple bed frames. They are already dominating hotel and celebrity bedrooms. However, they are no longer reserved only for the rich and famous. Upholstered bedheads are an easy, effective way to add instant glamour to your bedroom. You can opt for a plush velvety bedhead (velvet is big in 2017) or decide on a more classic one in neutral colour with timeless buttons.

As you can see, interior design trends are bold in 2017. People seem to yearn to go back to nature, and this year we will be embracing natural materials, colours, and peace nature can provide. As always, have fun with your design!


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