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For the majority of people, of which most will be new to the concepts of the industry, the terms interior design and interior decorating do tend to blend into each other. However, this certainly shouldn’t be the case, as they are very different parts of the home improvement sphere.

It is quite important to know the difference between the two terms, as it will make researching and enquiring the subject so much easier to the average DIY-er.

Interior Design

This term refers to work done inside the home to craft a specific design look during the construction of your home. It could also be used to cover work involved in renovating a property in that in both senses, it applies to major ‘remodelling’ work, rather than changing how a room looks using colour schemes and soft furnishings.

So, basically, the moment you start talking about interior design, you need to be talking about work done by people with hardhats and hammers. It’s much more to do with fundamentally changing the shape of a room and less to do with the outward, aesthetics that decorating is concerned with.

Interior Decorating

Once an interior designer has done his or her work and the room is fully constructed, the work of the interior decorator can begin. It’s their job to make all the available space look bigger, by clever use of colour and light. They are concerned with all matters relating to the aesthetics in a room, including soft furnishings, colour schemes and furniture.

While this phase isn’t quite as crucial to a room as the interior design, it’s makes the effects created more stunning, bright and pleasing to the eye. By creating flowing patterns of complementing colours throughout the home, the interior decorator works their magic to make sure there is a natural, consistent feel to all adjoining rooms.

Choosing an Interior Decorator

Whether you are put in touch with an interior decorator via word of mouth or by online research, you need to do your research before you make your decision. As with any industry, there are good decorators and some not so good, so you must ensure that you look at their past work and the reviews left by their previous customers.

The words that come from unbiased clients are the measure of any good painter and decorator, so pay particular attention to them if you want to be sure you’re getting a good, reliable and skillful tradesman. This, of course, applies to both interior designers and interior decorators.

Clear Budgets

The choice you make will be determined by a number of factors, not least of which is your budget. Be very clear about this when having decorating or interior design work done, as it will help form the parameters of the job and ensure that there’s no nasty surprises at the end.


Of course, there will be those who will want to do it themselves, which usually only applies to interior decorating. Interior design requires architectural and construction skills that most of us don’t have, so it’s best not to attempt this on your own, especially as there are wires and gas pipes in all homes that you don’t want damage.

We hope that this article has helped to clear up the age old designer versus decorator question and if you would like to know more about all things home improvement, visit our website www.sprucepainting.com.au.

Improving your home needn’t be stressful or too expensive and whichever path to home improvement you choose, we wish you the very best of luck.

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