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So, it comes to ordering tiles for your kitchen or bathroom. You’ve probably heard horror stories of tiles being delivered broken, not matching, or different dyes being used across the tiles. So where do you order from? Here are 3 reasons you should be ordering your tiles online vs going into a local showroom.

Variety & Choice

It’s quite obvious that different tile shops will obviously have varying stocks, but realistically, you have to evaluate how many local tile shops you have, and then compare the sheer amount of quality online tile shops you have all from your computer. Although not advised, you can still order from other countries as well; but it may be best to find an in-country company that imports foreign tiles.

A good example of a company that imports their tiles from foreign countries are London Tile Shop. We asked them what benefits consumers get from ordering through UK companies for foreign tiles. “We sell Spanish and Italian tiles far cheaper due to us being able to source them directly from the factories. This allows us to have access to a large collection, and be able to sell high quality tiles without an insane price tag. All consumers are protected by UK Trading Standards, and it’s our job to uphold them!”

Another advantage to ordering online is the fact that you have access to so many styles. If your local showroom doesn’t have a style you want, you’re going to struggle. If an online shop is missing some tiles you’d like, you can easily find another tile shop to deliver to you.


When you have to go to a tile showroom, you find yourself taking time out of your day to mill around and attempt to find something that appeals to you. You may even have to take photos to even remember the tiles you like. With an online shop you can visit the site at any time, change your order, share it with others and ask for their opinions.

Worried about not seeing a sample? Simple. Just order one from the website! Any good online shop will offer cheap samples with express delivery, so you can get started on comparing your options.

You can quite obviously arrange delivery times as well. Due to it being delivered via private courier, your delivery can be assured to arrive on time and hopefully fully intact. If by chance the delivery is damaged in any way, you’re protected by UK Trading Standards.


This is the biggest cause of doubt for any prospective consumer. What about the quality of the product you purchase online? As you aren’t able to talk to the cashier as you purchase, it can often stir up some doubt as to whether the product will be the same type, weight, quality, or even the same product at all. If you purchase online, you’re most likely going to pay by card, of which you’ll have protection if the transaction doesn’t go to plan.

To further reassure their customers, most if not all online shops have quality guarantees. These can range from a years lasting guarantee once fitted, to delivery guarantees. Make sure to check that your online shop has one!

Online shops have so much more to offer, and we’re in an ever evolving world, make sure to check out reputable suppliers near you, and see what you can do with your kitchen or bathroom!

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