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Autumn is here, and many folks in and around Edmonton are looking to use the season to trim, prune and care for the trees on their property. But maybe you’re not convinced of why you should do such a thing to a simple tree. However, there is adequate evidence that the skilled application of a pruning saw is good not just for you, but the tree itself and the world at large.


The first and most obvious reason is simple: to give your home the best lawn in all of Edmonton. A poorly positioned tree branch can block the view from a window, present a nuisance as your car pushes it aside coming and going from your driveway, or otherwise obscure the immaculate care you put into the appearance of your house’s exterior. Some may see some scratched up tree damage as “character”, but one thing is certain: these scratches will definitely reduce the value of your home; if you rent, you can request that your landlord prune the tree if it is affecting your quality of life.


While the roots of a tree are an oft mentioned metaphor of stability, their branches are less so. A heavy ice storm can coat a solid branch, adding enough weight that it can snap off and cause considerable damage to whatever happens to be below it. The Toronto Ice Storm of 2013 – though likely an exceptional case – is evidence of just how much damage can be done by ice and wood.


Believe it or not, pruning a tree can be beneficial to the tree itself. Trimming dead limbs can discourage insect infestation and disease, and if the tree is one which bears fruit, the careful pruning can also promote the growth of spurs which will increase the tree’s fruity yield the following year. Having branches unceremoniously torn off by storms is hardly healthy for it.

Now you may be tempted to grab a pruning saw and head out to do some trimming yourself, but simply whacking off the limbs and branches left and right can make matters worse than doing nothing at all. If possible, hire an arborist who has been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture – their extended knowledge allows them to properly tend to trees in a way that is beneficial to all parties involved, the tree included.

Additionally, working in the highest branches of a tree is dangerous work. Accidents can happen, even for professionals. However, a professional still has the training and equipment to minimize the risk and should always be contracted if possible. Find an arborist in your city by asking around and checking reviews online, or through the Better Business Bureau; here in Canada, a land that is rich with a wealth and variety of trees, there are many knowledgeable arborists and tree care specialists who can help you.

So now you know why so many people are scheduling their trees a pruning, and just maybe you’ve been convinced to join them. And if you have any doubts still lingering… consider it a “tree manicure” instead.