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You’ve decided to buy a new rug for your home; you already know how you want it to be and where you will put it. But when you bring it home and place it in the room, you see that it’s not exactly what you envisioned. This might be the result of common mistakes in rug placement. Don’t settle with this, as your new rug needs to be displayed in all its beauty. To be able to do this you have to know how to avoid the rug misplacement mistakes.

Buying a rug that is too small

One of the most common mistakes of rug placement is linked to its size. When you are looking for vintage rugs for sale you need to check the size as well as the design, pattern and origin. If you are placing the rug in the dining room it needs to be large enough to allow all the chairs to sit on it. The more chairs you have, the larger the rug has to be. No matter the shape of the dining room, the rug needs to extend way beyond the chairs.

If the rug is too small, it will look strange and the chairs will rug against it each time they are used, ending up damaging the rug.

You are hiding too much of the rug

Another mistake, also linked to the size of the rug, is hiding too much of it underneath the bed. When you buy a rug for your bedroom you want it to extend beyond the bed, so you can step on it. If the rug is too small it will lose its functionality and it won’t be visible. When you buy a rug to place underneath your bed make sure it will extend beyond the bed with 2 ½ feet. Another option is to buy a small rug and place it on the end of the bed, for design. Of course, this will leave you stepping on the cold floor when you wake up, so it might not be exactly what you want.

Poor placement of the rug in the living room

The common living room includes a couch, coffee table and two or more armchairs, which can be linked together with a rug. But you have to make sure the rug placement is not ruining the home decor. You can buy a small rug and place it underneath the coffee table, leaving all the other furniture outside the rug. Another option is to place the furniture half on the rug. The most common placement is all the furniture on the rug. You need to choose one of these layouts according to your room’s size. A small rug in a large room is going to look out of place, for example.

Buying a large rug

A rug which covers the entire floor is going to look like a carpet and might not complement the room. It is best to allow the floor to become a border for the rug, as this will make the room look bigger and will create a nice contrast between the floor texture and the rug texture.

With a little attention you can create an amazing design using a vintage rug, so experiment until you make the most out of your home design.