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Updating the look and functionality of a bathroom is an utterly rewarding home improvement project. However, there are a lot of factors to take into account. An additional problem is that a typical bathroom represents a small, clutter-prone, and moisture-heavy area.

Therefore, it would be wise to take your time when planning and weighing your options. You should satisfy all your physical needs and spiritual cravings without blowing the budget. Follow the principles of smart bathroom design to carry out the renovation process smoothly and to your utmost satisfaction.

Maximizing space

Making the most of the present space is a top priority. The vertical dimension often gets overlooked, yet it poses a great opportunity to save floor space. Therefore, consider mounting shelves and cabinets to ramp up storage. Apart from real space-saving solutions, there are also many tricks to create an illusion of more space.

For instance, you can use large-format tiles to make the room feel larger. On the contrary, you should avoid horizontal border tiles that tighten and enclose the bathroom. At last, try to break up the space into different sections with their own functions and vibe.

Adding furniture

Furniture is an integral part of bathroom design. Fitted pieces are a nice option because they allow you to achieve a coordinated look and finish. However, to really work in a small space such as the bathroom, they must be planned from the start.

On the other hand, it could be a good idea to opt for modular and freestanding furniture. This versatile solution allows you the freedom to move the pieces around. And if you have a freestanding bath, try to let it serve as a centerpiece at the heart of your bathroom.

Improving visual appeal

To make a stunning visual impact, designate a statement wall that will feature contemporary tile design. Don’t shy away from bold patterns and colors here. A stylish, large mirror is an excellent addition as well: it adds shimmering flavor and makes the space appear more spacious.

Furthermore, incorporate personal touches, spa-like features, and a luxurious sensation. Provided that there is enough space and funds, you can go big and lavish with a television, fireplace, large upholstered chairs, makeup vanities, and other crown jewels of grandiose style.

Sorting out plumbing

Plumbing is the lifeblood of your bathroom. You don’t want to mess up anything related to the water system, so it’s best to enlist professional services. Finding a plumber in Canberra and other major cities is easy, but always do the research and ask around for referrals.

Once you find a reputable professional, figure out the appropriate water fixtures together. Moreover, consider investing in water-conserving features such as low-flow showerheads and decide whether to conceal or expose the pipe-work. The latter option is enticing for those who want to pull off the industrial, rustic look.

Let there be light

Lighting is one of the essential elements in any bathroom. It provides the much-needed functionality, but also infuses the space with more visual splendor. To make the magic happen, plan the lighting design in advance.

Due to the variety of activities you perform in your personal sanctuary, it’s best to have more than one source of lighting. Dimmer control is a neat option and with two circuits, you can have separate controls for mood and task lighting. Note that you may be able to survive without windows and natural light, although in that case, you do require a suitable ventilation system.

Dreams and realities

Bathrooms have evolved light years from the cramped spaces reserved only for hygiene. It’s possible to achieve much, much more. The crux of the matter is that depending on how you handle it, bathroom renovation can either be a nightmare or a dream come true.

So, whatever you do, don’t dive in without a plan and budget. Check out the latest trends and leave a personal mark. Assemble your soothing indoor oasis that tends to your body and mind and speaks to your sense of style.

Don’t miss your chance to enhance and magnify the space and boost the value of your home in the process.