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If you have a small house, it is pretty given that much of its section is limited. Even your beloved kitchen might not have the abundance of space that it needs. But of course, there are still some ways to remedy this problem. In fact, you can still enliven and maximize the spacing of your petite kitchen. Just try the decoration tips that I have listed below.

1. Light It Up 

You should know that a dark or non-illuminated room will appear small. Therefore, when painting your kitchen, it is ideal if you choose bright colors for its interiors. If you really like dark hues, then you should just change the lighting system of your house. A bright and encompassing light can make a kitchen look spacious.

Of course, the best choice here is the use of LED lights. They can provide great illumination without producing large footprints. Ideally, you can put LED strips under the cabinets or shelves. Don’t forget to replace the old fixtures with the same lighting, too.

2. Backsplash

Decorating a small kitchen can be challenging. You cannot just put the elements that you want because of the space restrictions. Even rearranging different furnishings such as kitchen islands is an ordeal, too. But of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t change the aesthetics of the kitchen anymore.

A backsplash is a good decoration idea for small kitchens. You can just affix it anywhere in the kitchen (ideally behind the sink or stove). It doesn’t eat too much space as you are just going to attach it to the wall. Despite its simple appearance, the right placement and design can really turn your kitchen into an eye-candy!

3. Install Additional Shelves

The most obvious decoration technique to amplify the spacing of small kitchen is the installment of small shelves. Just mount an additional shelf above your kitchen sink or below the cabinets. They can provide valuable storage space for your cooking wares. They could also serve as a display platform for any glassware or plate collections. But take note. You should not overdo this process. Otherwise, it will ruin the simplicity that small kitchens should have.

4. Hanging Your Pots 

Another good way to deal with those bulky cooking wares (such as your pots and crepe pans) is by hanging them. Specifically, you should use a pot rack so that you can finally remove the pots out of your cabinets and shelves. You should hang them on the ceiling. This is the perfect and ergonomic approach that will enable you to reach them easily without tipping your toes.

5. Take Out The Doors Of The Cabinet

It would also be great if you can detach the cabinet doors. I know it is just a psychological perception, but removing the doors will give you a sense of openness and freedom. Removing the doors will also improve the intuitiveness of your kitchen. Without the closures, you can easily get any apparatus and items that you stored inside. There is no need to unhinge the door anymore!

Wrapping It Up

Don’t worry if you have a small kitchen. There is no need to burden yourself with a quick renovation and space expansion if your budget is somehow limited at the moment.  Don’t force yourself to these major projects because they require serious commitment and investments. Instead, just try some other way out.

With these decorating tips, you can maximize the available space that your kitchen has without spending too much. They also give you the freedom to tweak and enhance the appearance of your favorite cooking place!

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