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A sunroom is a beautiful addition to any home – it can serve as a quiet, relaxing room to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or as an informal entertainment room for you and your family. If you’re lucky enough to have a sunroom, you may also be familiar with the frustration of finding the perfect accents to make the room flow with the rest of your home. By adding a few of this season’s most popular accents, adjusted to fit your own style, you can create a sunroom that will become the most popular spot in the house.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic accent piece that are often overlooked due to their basic functionality, to see a reflection. However, using mirrors as accent pieces have the ability to can change the entire lighting dynamic in a room and give the illusion of a larger space. Although sunrooms are, typically, well-lit – mirrors assist in spreading light to dark corners and will allow for a relaxed vibe at night when it reflects the lamp light around the room.

Although hanging heavy mirrors can seem like a daunting task, it’s actually quite simple and will transform your sunroom into a beautiful, dynamic space.

Add Decorative Pillows

Better Homes and Gardens provides great ideas for livening up your sunroom – but our favorite was adding decorative pillows to the your sunroom furniture. Sunroom furniture is very important when you’re designing (or redesigning) the theme of your sunroom.

Whether your sunroom’s overall theme is elegant or casual – adding a pop of color, a trendy pattern, or something unique that draws attention will liven up your space and give your sunroom the personality that you’ve been looking for. 

Add (and make!) Macrame Hangings

The versatility and elegance of macrame hangings is unmatched. This can be a great DIY project on a long weekend (cozied up in your sunroom, of course) and it will add depth, diversity, and beauty into your sunroom. The reason that these hangings are a great option for your sunroom lies in their versatility of color, size, and design. Macrame brings texture to a bare wall and warms up a contemporary room. You can either make or buy the perfect piece to accent your (soon-to-be) perfect sunroom.

Whether you decide to create or buy – macrame hangings are a must-have for this season’s sunrooms.

Plants and Flowers

A sunroom is a great place to work on your green-thumb! Add in a few living plants to naturally scrub the air and, truly, bring the outdoors in.

Petunias and African violets are just a few beautiful options that survive well in areas with a lot of sunlight and are relatively low maintenance. You can incorporate plants as centerpieces for your end tables or, if you’re really adventurous, look into building a “living wall” or vertical garden – where you use plant life to truly decorate the inside of your home.

Look To The Floor

Often times, homeowners forget that they can incorporate their flooring into the overall design scheme of a home – and it has huge impacts! Sunrooms are a great option to spice up or play off of the home’s floor.

If you don’t have the money to install your dream flooring, don’t forget that there are area rugs ranging in all sizes that add texture, design, and designate space within a room. If you’re able (or lucky enough to already have) a mosaic tile floor or brick-like pattern – leave them uncovered and use them to build and design the rest of your sunroom.

A room is nothing without its foundation, that includes your sunroom.

Sunrooms can be a place of contentment, relaxation, or family gatherings. Take the time to design and accent your sunroom in a way that fits the personality of you, your family, and your home. What would your ideal sunroom look like?