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When you think of gardening, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your grandmother tending to her rose bushes.  Gardening is often thought of as a favorite pastime for retired folks, but in reality, gardening is a relaxing hobby that people of all ages can enjoy.  There’s something about watching a seed you planted grow into a beautiful flower or plant that is truly rewarding. In fact, plenty of room to garden is something many people look for when looking at Albuquerque homes for sale.  Whether you have access to a sprawling backyard garden or would rather plant some herbs in small pots on your fire escape, everyone can enjoy the benefits of gardening.  If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 of the most therapeutic benefits of gardening.

Exposure to Sunlight

While gardening, your plants aren’t the only things being exposed to healthy sunlight!  Gardening outdoors exposes you to vitamin D, which is essential in helping your body absorb calcium.  Exposure to sunlight can also improve your mood, as sunlight aids in releasing serotonin and endorphins, which contribute to feelings of happiness.  While being exposed to sunlight can be good for you, be sure to take the necessary precautions and wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect your skin from sun damage.  Additionally, be sure to wear a hat and sunglasses to shield your face and eyes from the sun as well.


Gardening is one of those activities that allows you to get in a workout without you even realizing it!  Gardening, especially on warm, sunny days, can really make you break a sweat by working your muscles. This can improve your strength over time, and can be especially beneficial for people who don’t get much physical activity otherwise.  Gardening allows you to get out of the house and get a workout in without having to run around the block or do jumping jacks. Gardening can be a great alternative to hitting the gym, especially during the summer months when you would rather be outside soaking in the sun!

Bonding Opportunity

Gardening may seem like an activity best done alone, but it can actually be a great opportunity to bond with others!  Many towns have community gardens, where residents can engage with other members of their community while planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular in cities, where most people don’t have backyards to plant things. Community gardens allow people to come together to do good for their neighborhood, and watching something you planted grow into a fruit or vegetable you can use is extremely rewarding.  If you don’t have access to a community garden but are able to garden at home, try inviting a friend or family member over to plant with you. You’d be surprised how fun it can be!

Improves Your Mood

This goes hand in hand with my first point, as exposure to sunlight can be a huge mood booster!  Gardening on a sunny day can release serotonin and endorphins, which aid in increasing your mood.  Gardening is also a great stress reliever, as it allows you to step away from whatever is causing stress and focus your mind on something else.  Gardening provides a relaxing distraction from all of life’s stresses, making it a great hobby for people with stressful jobs.

Teaches Responsibility

Gardening is especially beneficial for children because it teaches responsibility.  Caring for a garden requires patience and responsibility, two things that are extremely important to a child’s growth.  Having to go outside each day and tend to a garden helps get children into a routine and teaches them the importance of sticking to something.  By encouraging your children to treat their garden like a job, you will be setting them up to be responsible adults later in life.