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Luxury villas are stunning homes that create a beautiful ambiance for the owners and visitors alike. The homes have different facilities that enhance the experience.

However, there is a need to change up the look of the villa to make improvements and enhance the beauty. Making some adjustments also helps to maximize the value of the property especially if you’re looking to rent it out.

Here are 5 things you can do to improve the look of your luxury villa.

1. Technology

Many of the luxury villas were built years ago with simple designs and little to no technology. With the technological advancements, you can make the luxury villa more beautiful. Furthermore, some of the systems not only make the place beautiful but also enhance the security of the luxury villa.

Firstly, you can set up smart lock systems that make the doors keyless. The system helps to control entry into the home. They have stylish designs and are battery-powered making them function 24/7. Other devices include screens such as the curved screen for viewing.

2. Beautiful Curb And Landscape

The curb and villa landscape part of the outdoor can be upgraded to create a beautiful impression. Change the plant species and curve the existing into different appealing shapes. Also, add climbing plants that enhance the look of the walls. Another way of enhancing the look without the use of plants is to replace the walls, remove stone cladding, and repaint walls and name. It is surprising how some of these little adjustments make a drastic change in the look of the luxury villa.

3. Decorative Windows

Improve the look of the villa by replacing or adjusting the look of the windows with beautiful designs. Windows greatly contribute to the warmth, lighting, and beauty of the home. Consider the current style, size, and color.

In choosing a different design for the windows, consider the regulations in your jurisdiction such as double glazing. Add color or pictorial designs that fit in with the interior design of the different rooms. Consider style in different aspects such as the use of sliding or lift windows.

Take note of using window materials that quality, cost-effective and simple to maintain. To go an extra mile, add accessories to the windows such as shades, blinds, grilles and decorative panels.

4. Decor

Improving the décor of the house is part of the interior design. This enhances the space of the house to enhance its beauty. The areas to focus on include; the use of art, addition or alteration of color, enhancing the furniture design and addition of fittings.

Coordinate the colors to create a stylish look that transforms the whole villa. Take note that colors have psychological effects and therefore every color has an accompanying effect. Choose colors that create comfort, calm and cheerfulness. Color combinations, on the other hand, may change the appearance of a room to make it look bigger or smaller.

On the furniture, utilize the different materials available depending on the different rooms and exterior. Unique designs improve the luxury villa more.

5. Lighting

Adequate and appropriate lighting is key to enhancing the villa. It not only enhances beauty but allows access to the different rooms no matter the time of day. There are several types of lighting depending on the mood that needs to be set.

Ambient lighting is normally on the ceiling and may be controlled using switches or fixtures. An interesting form of lighting is concealed lighting, where the light can be seen but the source of the light is hidden. It gives a beautiful appearance that elevates the look.

Other types of light include the use of down, pendant, up, spot, wall lights, recessed, rise and fall lighting. All these types of lights are interesting to use. What’s more, adopting all of the types is possible since they are applicable in most of the rooms and exterior. Moreover, they may be applied at different periods to provide different effects.

The mentioned are just some of the ways in which you can improve the look of your luxury villa. As recommends interior designer Gaby from gabycreates.com, don’t limit yourself to one way of changing up the look.


Elena is an interior designer at Luxury Villas Maltawho is able to transform different spaces and property. Her time in the industry has enabled her work with manyclients to make the area unique and beautiful.