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It’s often said that coffee is a hug in a mug. This sentence nicely captures the emotion of the avid coffee lover who can’t go through the day without the daily dose of caffeine. For such coffee aficionados, a single serve coffee maker is a great way to satisfy their love for coffee in an effective and effortless manner. This is mainly because such a coffee maker makes brewing hot and fresh coffee a breeze. But selecting the best single serve coffee maker is not a breeze. Since the market is flooded with coffee makers of various brands and different models, it can get quite confusing to select the perfect one. Here are 5 tips to consider when buying a single serve coffee maker:

Ascertain your taste for coffee

To buy the perfect single serve coffee maker you will first have to consider your taste for coffee. If you have fine taste in coffee, selecting a random coffee maker won’t be the best thing to do. You will have to go for a coffee maker that can brew the kind of coffee you want to relish. For instance, if you like your coffee to be strong and bold, French presses will be perfect for you. If you have a weakness for Gourmet coffee, you need to opt for a single serve coffee maker that comes accompanied with pre-packed coffee packs. In such a case, do not forget to select the flavor that matches your taste.

Look for the right size

Single serve coffee makers are available in various sizes. Often the coffee makers that are loaded with various features come in bigger sizes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a compact single cup coffee maker. There are many models with fewer features that are compact in size. Depending on the features you require and the space available at your home or office where you want to keep the coffee maker, you can select the size that best meets your needs.

Be aware of the cleaning part

If you use a coffee maker, you will have to keep it clean as well. So, it makes sense to know how easy it is to clean a single serve coffee maker before buying it. Is the coffee maker dishwasher safe? Does it need any special cleaning agent to keep it in the best form? What is the procedure to clean the brewing cycle of the coffee maker? These are some of the questions that you need to ask before committing yourself to a particular model. Do not forget to go through the cleaning instructions included in the manual of the coffee maker to get a complete idea about the cleaning procedure.

Think about your budget

These days you can get a single serve coffee maker in various price ranges. The price mainly depends on the features of the appliance. If you go for a high-end coffee maker with many sophisticated features, you will definitely have to pay a hefty price. The best idea is to set a budget for the coffee maker. Then list out the features you would like to have in it. Once you are clear about these two things, look for a model that fulfills both these factors. But make sure that you keep realistic expectations. Most importantly, do not compromise on the quality of coffee delivered by the appliance. Else, your very purpose of buying the coffee maker will be defeated.

Go through the reviews

When it comes to buying a single serve coffee maker, it is a good idea to read the reviews first. Reviews are a great way to know about the functionalities and effectiveness of the product. They can tell you how easy it is to use a particular coffee maker and how well the appliance works. You can also know if there are any problematic aspects related to it. Once you read the reviews, you will be able to determine whether the coffee maker will serve your purpose and if it is worth the price or not. You can read the reviews of the best single serve coffee maker options in 2017 here.

It is always a pleasure to sit and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee. So, go ahead and select the single serve coffee maker that is right for your needs. It may not be the fanciest of the models having the latest features. But it must be able to serve you some great coffee whenever your heart desires so.