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If your home doesn’t attract the eye anymore, or even worse, attracts the eye for all the wrong reasons, then it’s time to improve your curb appeal. Restore your home to its previous glory with these five tips.

Stage a beautiful welcome

The first thing your guests see when they come visit your home is the front doors, so give them something beautiful to look at. Strong, bright colors are quite popular today, but you can always play it safe with black or white. If you want to achieve a more contemporary look, matt and muted colors should be your first choice and don’t hesitate to spend an extra $100 to get some top-shelf doors. Also, don’t forget to update your porch furniture. There are cute chairs and conversation sets to make the entrance even more inviting, without costing you a fortune.

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Update windows

Rotten and peeling window frames are simply unacceptable. Put in some new ones, but make sure they match the design of the rest of the property. You can also invest in double-glazed windows which are a great “green” option because they are highly energy efficient. Finally, get some new curtain linings and blinds that will look great viewed from the street.

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Bring out the greenery

It doesn’t matter how small your space is, you simply must add some greenery to your exterior and make sure your lawn is neatly trimmed and clean. Flower beds with colourful flora and some box hedges will instantly bring your home exterior to life. You can also make window or terrace boxes. You can try and decorate  your exterior yourself, but landscaping can be quite tough sometimes. So, if you want to create something truly unique you can easily rely on companies like Manna Landscapes to help you out. On the other hand, if your flat has a terrace that’s on a smaller side, hang plants on the outside of the railing and pick pieces with a smaller footprint. Additionally, don’t forget about your porch and front doors. These can be beautified with unique planters and evergreen topiaries.

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Add a new coat of color

Adding a fresh coat of color to your façade is the biggest update you can do. Unlike the front door, don’t go too crazy with your façade paint, and make sure to keep it with the period of the house and the ones that are on your street. Of course, that doesn’t mean your house has to be the same color as every home on the block. If you’ve never painted a whole house, better call pros, but if you are a well-known handyperson, rent a mobile scaffold and get ready to get your hands dirty and breathe some new life into your home.

Home Exterior

Frame your property

Frame your new masterpiece with some well-coordinated fencing that will significantly add to the visual appeal of your property. You can choose from the variety of different materials and colors, but first, make sure to check your local zoning laws before you start with installation.

Aside from making your home beautiful and appealing, these updates will also add some value to your property, so roll up your sleeves and get to work.