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With 2018 just around the corner, you may be thinking about giving your home some love and make changes for the year ahead. Below, we’ve rounded up five of the best home improvement ideas for transforming your property for 2018.

1. Invest in a smart home speaker

In the past couple of years, smart home speakers have exploded in popularity, and now it’s hard to turn on the TV without spotting an ad for a Google Home or Amazon Echo speaker. If you want to make your home smarter and control heating, lighting and entertainment without leaving your sofa, a smart speaker could be just what you need.

2. Give rooms a lick of paint 

Another way to make changes to your property without spending a fortune is to give your rooms a lick of paint. There’s good news for people who want to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, too: painting walls and ceilings can burn as many as 400 calories an hour.

If you’re wondering what colour is best for your property, consider sticking to light, bright colours such as white and cream, as this will make your property appear bigger than it is, and you’ll be able to make changes to your interior design without having to re-paint. 

3. Add a new front door

Giving your home a new front door is another way to transform your property. Whether your old door is looking worse for wear or you just want to inject a new lease of life into your home, a new door can make all the difference. You should be able to pick one up in your DIY store or have one made by a carpenter for less than £100, so it’s a low-cost home improvement idea that can have a big impact. 

4. Get a new roof 

When was the last time you thought about your roof? If you think that yours could be in need of repair or replacement, then consider working with roofers in Middlesbrough such as Findley Roofing & Building. Most reputable roofing companies will offer a free roofing check to give you an idea of what needs to be changed at your property; it may be that a repair is all you need to cover the damage, or a replacement may work out a more effective option.

It’s also important to mention the cost of a new roof. Of course, you may not want to spend thousands of pounds on such a big repair job, but doing so can actually add value to your property, which could come in useful if you’re planning on selling in the near future.

 5. Switch around your rooms 

If you really want to change up your home for 2018, then consider switching your living room and dining room, and bedrooms. Moving your everyday activities to a new location can make you feel like you’ve moved home, and it gives you a great excuse to make some interior design changes, too. For example, your children could switch bedrooms so that your youngest is closest to the bathroom, or you could swap your bedroom with a guest bedroom to get a better view of your garden and unlock more space. You may even choose to add an en-suite bathroom or walk-in wardrobe with the extra room.

We’ve put together just some of the ways you can transform your home for 2018, but there are certainly more options to consider. Perhaps you could think about an extension to add more space to your home, or even switch your staircase for a spiral alternative? Whatever you choose to do, good luck with your home improvements, and have a Happy New Year!