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How many of these secret ingredients to a happy home does your living space currently have?

Designing a happy space that’s welcoming, has personality, is warm and relaxing is no easy job. Yet homes where happiness resides usually seem to have these particular things in common. But what makes a house a home? Let’s take a look!

1. Nourish plantlife

Sure, furniture defines a room. Lampshades create an ambience. Nick-nacks create an aesthetic. But to give your home a sense of life, you need the vibrancy and colour of nature. It could be fresh flowers. Or a well-placed bonsai. Heck, you can even be sneaky and get yourself down to T.K Maxx for some fake shrubbery to dot around and improve your indoor gardening.


But make no mistake, something natural and organic has that tendency to make your living space feel more alive. Not to mention (without getting all science-y on you) the benefit of your home atmosphere being that bit purer.

2. How can you put a smile on your face?

Don’t worry, we understand. Your ideal dream home is to have a place that could be on the front page of a glossy magazine with a £15.99 price tag. A place that’s so ‘perfect’ every cushion is painstakingly symmetrical in arrangement, each piece of furniture is intelligently sourced, and the overall scheme sets a view to behold.

Let’s be honest, who really wants that? It’s the eccentric, unexpected things that gives your home some real personality. Consider the planet with some satisfying eco-friendly solutions to implement into your home, or simply take inspiration from the weird and wonderful.

3. How about a really comfy sofa?

Is your house a home or a soulless corporate meeting room? Forget the coarse, sharp-angled seating. Get your clock straight with the latest Sure, it might look great in some swanky showroom but a home is where you relax, put your feet up and unwind after a long day. Providing that you don’t invite that friend who always spills red wine on your carpet, then by all means, choose cream or white for your sofa. Are you renting?  But make sure your next sofa has that ultra-important quality of sinking in just right, or when you get home from the office it’ll seem like you never left.

4. Consider lever storage

Stuff everywhere? It’s thorn in everybody’s home life. If you’ve got bits ‘n’ bobs crammed in every corner of every room, attacking your peripheral vision and light O.C.D with its inherent disorganisation, it’s pretty much impossible to feel relaxed and happy. Create a living space that’s easy on the eye without having to dump all your worldly belongings.

Incorporating concealed cupboards, lofts that are organised (and generally don’t scare you), clever shelving and well-planned kitchens ensure everything has its place and you’ll have more opportunities for new, inviting additions to your living space.

5. How about a gorgeous statement piece

It could be a room-defining work of art, a huge ornament, a piece you’ve brought home from your last exotic holiday, or a designer item you’ve squirrelled away for: one room-defining piece will let itself be known. A statement piece provides personality and a focal point to your room while being a great conversation starter as you host your next dinner party.

6. Make your home resemble your personal life

You have a family, friends. It’s your house to make a home. Your children’s (debatable) art from school. Happy holiday snaps from that safari trip to South Africa. The wedding that you want to never forget. That collection of ceramics you can’t bear to be without. These are the things that make home… home. Elegantly presenting these mementoes, these treasured artefacts of experience, makes your home that bit more special to you and your family.

7. A really comfy bed and mattress

A good night’s sleep pays dividends in your daily life. Investing in a high-quality mattress, ‘strokeable’ linen that’s as luxurious as your wallet allows, makes going to bed and waking up that much more enjoyable.

8. Just enough gadgetry

Doing your shopping, playing music and some serious fact checking while hosting your trivia themed party, or even putting the kettle on while not having to leave your sofa is something pretty special. Smart home appliances make life that bit easier and enjoyable while being super cool. Another highly popular trend is the use of smart door locks, which only highlights the growth of interconnectivity and internet of things.

Whether you like the look of Amazon’s Alexa smart hub or Google’s Home assistant, having one of these handy gadgets in your home will make you wonder how you ever thought you could cook without an artificially intelligent assistant to give you the recipe (among the many 1000s of ways they can help organise your work and home life).

9. A good bookshelf

Create a space for adventure, suspense and escapism in the home. Being able to unwind with a good book at the end of the day should be in everyone’s routine. Are you worried that moving out will be a nightmare? Consider RTA units and keep flat pack assemblers in mind. Especially for families. Having a bookcase full of possibilities for your kids to explore instils a thirst for knowledge and wonder. And there’s no denying a well-placed, stylish bookshelf can really add character to a room.