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Heating your house during the cold months is not a luxury. In fact it is a necessity. No matter the cost, we have to have heat, whether with the use of a central heating, a traditional fireplace or with innovative contemporary fireplaces.

However, households are expected to pay more because of the steady rise in heating bills, leading a growing number of homeowners to look for ways to make all this heating business more affordable, saving energy bills.

Well, don’t fret because there is a way, and it is called zone heating

What Is Zone Heating?

Often, most households heat their whole home at once. This means there is a lot of wasted energy from rooms that are not frequently used but are collecting heat.

This is where zone heating comes in. This is the term used to describe the practise of heating up just the room you mostly stay in using an alternative heat source instead of the main heat source in your home.

By far, it is one of the best ways you can save on the costly electric bills. Zone heating allows you to strategically heat the only rooms or areas in your home that use often, keeping the thermostat low throughout the entire day.

In other words, heat one room at a time, instead of completely wasting energy. For example, if you and most of your family members huddle in the dining room or even the kitchen, then purchase an electric fireplace. These portable appliances will definitely help you drastically cut heating bills.

Why Choose Zone Heating?

Heating up a large space, like your living area, eats up a lot of power. This is a job best left to your main heating system like your furnace. But what if you stay in your bedroom mostly? What then?

Do you turn on the furnace and heat up the whole house, or do you instead light up a smaller heat source like a heater to do the job? 

Logic and practicality will tell you to go for option number two on this one. In fact, there was a research done to find out how much time we spend in each of our home’s rooms. 

According to this research, we spend more than 80 percent of our time using only 20 percent of the available space of our house. So it makes sense to heat up only this 20 percent space instead of heating up the entire house. 

Think of all the savings just on heating alone! The best way to do this is with the use of a portable heating system like a heater or electric contemporary fireplaces. These portable appliances are great for zone heating since they can be transferred from one room to another. 

So there is no need to buy a heating appliance for every room in your house.

Central Heating vs Zone Heating

Although both are often compared when it comes to heat efficiency, zone heating is more cost-effective since you’re only heating one area of your home. On the other hand, it takes a bit longer for central heating to warm up since this will have to heat an entire home at once.

Is Zone Heating Ideal for Your Home?

There are several factors you need to consider, such as heating requirements, budget and your home’s square footage. Zone heating is perfect for smaller areas or for when you’re looking for ways to save money.


So before the cold season sets in, think about your heating options and consider using zone heating to heat up your favourite space more efficiently. You’ll be surprised how much you saved using zone heating with electric contemporary fireplaces.


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