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When summer temperatures soar, air conditioning is the best invention since sliced bread. As long as you stay inside, the threat of heat stroke or other high-temperature related health complications diminishes significantly. However, running air conditioner units full time is hardly energy efficient and the bills at the end of the month can reach dizzying heights. In order to deal with these problems head on, here are some air conditioning tips for the cooling season.

Check your filters every month

The main role of air filters in your AC unit is to catch dust and other potentials allergens before they enter your home. This way, the air quality in your home is improved while you also get to relish in pleasantly cool temperature. However, as the dirt sediment amasses on the filter over time, it can block the flow of air. This can cause your unit to compensate for bad air flow with more energy consumption.

Therefore, by checking your filters on monthly basis, you ensure your AC unit is running in energy efficient manner.   You can either change your filter or wash it thoroughly, which means you’ll have to leave it for few hours to dry off first. No matter what you decide, it is a lightweight task anyone can do.

Clean the outdoor unit every once in a while

Filters are not the only thing that needs your attention when it comes to keeping your AC unit system energy efficient. Over time, various debris and dust can also build in the outdoor unit. This is why it is important to clean it every once in a while. The principle is the same like with the condition of the filter – the AC unit will work harder the dirtier it gets, as it tries to compensate and therefore spends more energy. You need to pay attention, especially over autumn months when leaves begin to fall.

Blocking sunlight will make a difference

As sun rays stream through the window glass, they heat up its surface and your home. On the one hand, having enough natural light in your home is important, but it can also be a nuisance during the summer. Subsequently, an AC unit will need to work longer and harder to bring the temperature down to the desired levels which means lowered energy efficiency.

When it comes to the perpetual window problem, blinds are your greatest allies. Keep them closed for as long as the sun hits that side of the house and use fans to help the air circulate. This will create a slight cooling effect and, with the help from periodical and short air conditioning, you will hit the exact balance between energy consumption and pleasant temperature.

Use cool mornings and evenings to your advantage

Also, use the advantage of cool nights to open up all your windows and let the air flow freshen up your household. In locations that are more distant from the equator, this will work like a charm, however, for places where summer days are so hot, it takes an entire night for the air to cool off, the best case scenario is to open the windows up in the early morning. If you get up early to go to work, this is not a big issue. If you live in a household where everyone has the luxury of sleeping in, you can set the alarm to 4 AM and let the cool morning breeze in.

Have dedicated experts on speed dial

When it comes to all things home related, it is important to have each type of repairman on speed dial. These dedicated professionals should be people you have hired before since they will be familiar with the history of a particular aspect of your household.

This also goes for your AC unit, so finding a genuine to install and service your unit is essential. For instance, the people at Sydmech only install quality brands and pride themselves on guiding you towards a choice that will give you year round comfort. Expert installation of the right air conditioning system for your home saves you dollars and keeps you comfortable, and so does fast, efficient servicing and maintenance with guaranteed workmanship.

When it comes to air conditioning units, maintenance is the key to cool and energy efficient summers. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with various aspects of your household and tackling every emerging problem with your unit head on will show a significant difference once the electrical bill comes at the end of the month.

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