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The last time I got a chance to connect with art was in high-school days, when I opted for “PAINTING” as one of my electives, I am proud that I scored a whopping 99 on 100 in this subject in my CBSE 12th standard exams.

Though I have had an artistic inclination right from my childhood, now, it has been five years since I left my artwork as I always thought of it as a mere subject which I needed to score well in, until I realized about six months ago that it has now become an emotion for me.

Here is the glimpse of my art journey which I would want to continue for the rest of my life as my love for it keeps augmenting day by day.

One fine day, I happened to find my Camel watercolor paintbox and since then there has been no looking back. As I started making paintings mostly related to women and painting trees and exploring the different techniques of coloring and brush strokings, I crazily made fourteen paintings in just twenty days and since then I have been celebrating art everyday. 


Since painting became a daily ritual, one day I thought, “Why not create my own art space??”, space where I can paint my imagination and keep all my art related stuff and some stationery items that are close to my heart (because they are cute) at the same place. Because I was making art sitting in random places – in front of the TV or near my garden or wherever I felt like creating ART, I thought this would be a nice idea.

So, these are the tiny steps that I took to give this look to my art space.

I found this table of mine lying somewhere in the storeroom and BINGO!! I found my art table.
The wall behind is decorated with very old and was-lying-or-dying-in-the-wardrobe sort of stuff.

Firstly, I took these little 6″x4″ printouts of the best of my paintings and found the base with which to decorate the wall.

There were two switch-boards in that very space ( and I am crazy for switchboards designs, you will see that later). So, how I could I leave them untouched? I had no mercy on those fellows ( which became so adorable after my artistic experiment) and drew purple flowers around one of them. Using shells from an old wall hanging, I made a tree on the other.

Also, remember the days when we used to exchange friendship bands on the much-awaited friendship day, I had a lot of them, so I thought of hanging them up on the wall itself. And why not?? They are really pretty.

And then comes the DIY piece, the floral wall hanging with feather tails on satin ribbons was much more fun to create.

Also, don’t forget those coins lined up vertically, they are from Nepal which we bought as souvenirs and they look better on my wall rather than rusting away in the wardrobe. Don’t you think?


I am a fan of some subtle quotes on life, relationships, positivity, and happiness.

There is some sort of magic in such quotes, they instantly uplift your mood and put in a dreamy world of hope.

Also, the BLACK MARKERS are saviors and they make life so easy!

Well, (whoop) there it is, my wardrobe with one of my favorite quotes.



This little wall hanging winks at me with so much cuteness and asks me to shine bright like a diamond.

Jesus, you so need such beauty in your room and in your life.








Just kidding, I do study sometimes or sit down to read books or even do some of my office work on WFHs and the other time I find the ways to make it look more attractive.

An idea popped up in my mind to paint the little rectangular space above the tube light on this space.

And I did not even give a second thought and picked up my brushes to get this done.

( Notice I am a lefty)

AND…and…and, FAIRY LIGHTS!!! I mean the DAMN fairy lights, when lit-up, they look extra fun and sparkly.Must, and I must say a must for a room decor for a dreamy girl like me.



SWITCHBOARDS, do turn on the artist in me!

I have a bit of knack and love for decorating switchboards…

And again…BLACK MARKERS be my best friends.

I sort of scribbled some electrical engineering circuit( which does not make sense), but Hey! I did complete my engineering and so this designing.






Do you ever get out of your room and sometimes admire nature? Well, I tried to replicate the same through my art. Look at these birds happily sitting on a tree and singing your favorite song.

Pistachio shells have got some usage in art too, you see!







We always seek some sort of motivation and positivity in our lives and sometimes a single word is enough to activate our inner strengths.

A single word which itself contains the potential to speak thousand more words of infinite power and energy.

Framing the floral paintings and gifting them to my loved ones strenghtened my bonds with them too.

How beautiful is the thing “ART“?



Voila!! Blackboard, chalks, ahhhhh! I miss my school days…and again Quotes, flowers, leaves dreams, life, and fun.  I felt that I could no longer bear that door being so boring.


This is the thing about ideas and then there is another thing about finding empty spaces which are yelling for an artwork to be drawn upon.So the garden wall did, being already envious of my room.

While gardening on a weekend, I gave a thought of adding one more tree to my garden but obviously of some different kind.

Who knew it could become a stunning focal point in the garden?


Boycott the monotonous pot!!!

Because watermelon is my favorite fruit and Wareli painting be so acute. Aren’t these cute? ( Writing lame rhymings like forever)






I am glad that our office organized an event to paint few cloth bags, indeed a wholesome thought of reducing the plastic usage and saving the environment.You definitely feel proud of accomplishing such tasks.

Thanks for reading. Happy creating art.