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The decision to build a new home can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first home. It is usually hard to make a plan for your new home because there are a lot of factors to take into account when designing a home. It is because of these factors that most people prefer to just purchase a new home instead of building it from scratch.

But if you still prefer to build your new home from scratch, here are important questions that you should be asking a home builder, before you start this massive and costly project.


  • Ask your home builder about their previous projects, including the toughest projects they’ve worked on in the past.


This question aims to prove that your home builder is competent and reliable enough to build and finish your new home. An experienced and skilled home builder should be able to provide previous projects to you as references, including information about the methods they used to complete these projects. This info will tell you important things about your home builder such as:

  • Is your home builder client-focused or does he or she simply build new homes that can be sold as quickly as possible?
  • Is your home builder attuned to your ideas and suggestions when creating a design for your new home?
  • Is your home builder friendly?

You must establish a good partnership with your home builder before you can start the project. A good partnership will make it easier for you and your home builder to decide how your new home will look once it’s finished.


  • Ask your home builder how they handle obstacles and delays.


There will always be delays and obstacles when building a new home, even if you have already laid out the best plan possible for it. So it’s important that you ask your home builder what actions they usually take to handle delays or obstacles.

  • The goal of this question is to know how your home builder will deal with challenges that may arise when building your new home and how will he communicate with you when obstacles and delays arise.
  • This will also give you an insight as to how capable your chosen home builder is.


  • Ask your home builder which type of home has the best resale value.


There are times that a family will be forced to move out of their home due to career changes. You’ll be forced to sell what was supposedly your dream home because of your career. In these situations, the resale value of your home will become the most important factor.

When building your dream home, it’s very important to ask your home builder which type of home has the best resale value, if there comes a time that you will need to sell it.

  • Ask your home builder if you can see one of his previous projects.

This is one of the most important questions you can ask your home builder. If your home builder is indeed good, he should be able to provide a good example of his works. If for some reason the home builder is hesitant to show you one of his works, then “red flag” him, as he might be the wrong person to build your dream home.


  • Ask your home builder if you can make modifications to the design of your dream home.


When trying to make a plan for your dream home, a home builder will propose an initial design for it. Some home builders just offer standard designs to their clients and simply ask them if they like it or not, without allowing you to make modifications to the design.

A home builder should be willing to listen to your insights, especially if you want to make modifications to the design of your dream home. A good home builder will take into account your wishes when drafting a new plan for your dream home. He should be willing to start from scratch if you don’t find the initial design of your dream house to your liking.


  • Ask your home builder how much will it cost you to build your new home.


This is perhaps the most important question to ask your home builder. Once you have the plans, talk to your home builder and ask them to give you a bid or estimate as to how much you will need to pay him for building your new home.

It is your right to ask your home builder how much they are going to charge you for building your new home. Once your home builder makes a bid or an estimate, see if the price is reasonable enough before you agree to pay them that amount.

Be Clear and Consistent in Your Goals and Vision

The construction of a new home will raise questions about your builder as well as you and what you want. Before you go to a home builder, you must have a clear idea in your mind on how your new home should look.

Home builders are there to help you out with the building process of your home. For that reason, you should look for a home builder who is extremely capable of building your dream house for a good price. Always ask the questions above to see if your chosen St. Louis interior designers are capable of finishing your dream house or not.

Emma Jackson

Emma Jackson, is a home grown handy girl who enjoys writing about her experiences. She has written for many different websites in the past for St. Louis interior designers, and has enjoyed sharing her knowledge on DIY for everyone to read. She has a husband and young son.