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An average person spends about thirty minutes to one hour each day in the bathroom. No wonder most homeowners spend a considerable amount of time, to revamp their bathroom. It may also be the case, where your rental recently became vacant and you’re looking for some smart renovation ideas to make the rental more desirable to tenants. A bathroom remodeling is, however, involving and at times daunting. But with proper preparation and a little creativity, it is possible to recreate your dream bath. If you want to design a comfortable and relaxing spa-like bathroom, you need to renovate the following areas.

Tap and shower fixtures

An obvious way of changing your bathroom’s look is by upgrading the faucets and shower fixtures. For instance, if you have mundane looking taps and shower heads, why not replace them with fixtures that have sleek designs such as the multiple spray shower heads and taps that can handle both cold and hot water? To create a compelling effect, go for fixtures whose color scheme contrasts the rest of the room. While at it, fight the urge to move the plumbing. Just leave the showers, toilet, sink, and bathtub where they are, to avoid dealing with unforeseen plumbing emergencies.

The Lighting

The type of light in your bathroom will either enhance or blur the aesthetics of the room. Many people, however, do not take this fact seriously. As a result, they either end up with excess light or not having enough. A practical approach to a bathroom remodeling is to install a variety of light options. For example, you could include a combination of the bright type and dimmers. That way, the user can create whatever ambiance he or she desires. Some of the areas where you can set up the fixtures include the vanity, beneath the wall mounted cabinets, in addition to the bathtub, and shower areas.

Update the basins

Sinks and basins are a must have feature for your bathroom. If your room lacks one, it is high time you installed it. Similarly, if the one you have is outmoded or oversize, you should replace it. When shopping for a suitable alternative, bear in mind factors like how much space you have, as well as who will use the sink. If you have a tiny bathroom, you should go for a wall basin, which is not only space saving but offers a minimalistic aspect. If more than one person is to use it, a double bowl will serve. But if you have kids, then an inset basin that has a low lying vanity is an excellent choice.


Just as with sinks and basins, you should update your tub during the bathroom remodeling exercise. When looking for a bath, nevertheless, you should settle for one that strikes a balance between functional use and visual appeal. Which is to say, whether you want a cozy tub for relaxing and unwinding in or place for your kids to play, the tub should suffice, and still keep the room looking fabulous. Moreover, you must consider factors like the available space, and room color. If you already have a bathtub, you don’t have to discard it. You can give it an exciting new look or restore its original appearance through a simple refinishing exercise.


Mirrors are convenient features in bathrooms. In addition to helping you to groom yourself, they make the room look elegant, bright and spacious. Hence, if your bathroom lacks one, you should consider installing. When shopping for mirrors, you should examine factors like the size of your basin or vanity, how tall the users are, as well as the style and design that you want to actuate. If you want a simplistic look, for instance, getting an unframed mirror will do the trick. But if you desire a lush impression, go with the framed variety.

Vanity Cabinets

Vanity cabinets add a valuable element of storage and functional use to the bathroom. However, if poorly installed, the cabinets can ruin a perfectly executed bathroom remodeling. To guarantee a perfect finish, make sure the vanity does not inhibit the free movement of people or the opening of the shower and bathroom door. Furthermore, be considerate of the other aspect of the room such as the plumbing fixtures, color, style, and size.

Update the surfaces

The various surfaces within a room like the ceiling, walls, countertops, and floors make a significant contribution to its overall look. If you hope to give your bathroom the dreamy makeover, you need to work on these areas as well. You could paint the ceiling and walls using light colors to evoke a calm, relaxing and inviting feel. For the floors and countertops, you could use waterproof solutions like decorative tiles, linoleum or even coated wood panels. Nevertheless, it is important for the floor to be durable as well as moisture and slip resistant.

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