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Tile flooring has witnessed increase in demand over the last couple of years. It has become a preferred choice for property owners and developers around the world. Ceramic tiles can either be glazed or unglazed. Glazed flooring tiles have a layer that makes them impervious. This water-resistant characteristic is a top priority for many buyers. Unglazed tiles, on the other hand, can be sealed with protective material so that they don’t allow water to sip through and settle beneath the surface.

One of the unique elements of ceramic tiles is that they are usable in both indoor and outdoor flooring. It is important to have quality tiles for your flooring needs and they come with lots of advantages if properly installed.

Quality tiles last impressively long

Ceramic and porcelain tiles indeed last a very long time. If quality installation work has been done, tiles can last between 10-20 years and the maintenance is pretty simple. Even in case of breakage, replacing with a new piece is equally simple. They acquire durability from the process of manufacture where temperatures are kept high to give them the hardened surface.

Porcelain ceramics (also known as porcelain slabs) are made with minerals such as kaolin, feldspars, and clay which make 99% of the finished product. Colors and other aesthetic elements only make up a small percentage of each block. They thus come out as strong, compact material that can withstand a lot of pressure. The absence of glues and resins to stick blocks together also make them compact. The final process of enhancing their strength is that they are mechanically pressed and burned under temperatures above 1200 °C. This is great quality for flooring material.

Low maintenance cost

Quality tiles are extraordinarily easy to maintain. Like any other surface, they can get stained and dirty. Simple regular cleaning keeps your tiled floor sparkling for a long time. Cleaning with soft material and a soft brush and even vacuuming with a soft brush is enough to keep your tiled floor clean. This is one element that distinguishes between quality tiles since they do not stain easily.

Fire Resistant

Fire resistance makes ceramic tiles particularly suitable for the kitchen where hot pans and other substances can easily find their way on to the floor. Having been harden during manufacture tiles are ideal for such spaces.

Quality tiles come in a variety of designs and colour options

Colour and style are a prerequisite consideration for many property owners during construction. Tiles come in a wide range of colours. They can also be shaped and laid in different patterns such as triangles, rectangles etc. This versatility has seen them become favorurites among builders. This means that you can match your tiles to the walls and play around with patterns and shapes.  

The Environment and Your Health Are Taken Care Of

Tiles are eco-friendly, and this has seen their popularity grow widely. Unlike other materials, they have a hard surface, thus does not attract pollen and dust easily. Even when such elements fall on the surface, it is easy to clean them off a tiled floor.

High-quality tiles are burned in kilns where high temperatures are maintained to ensure that the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are eliminated. This cautions consumers against the health dangers brought about by VOC.


Ceramic tiles are relatively cheaper compared to other flooring options. You can get the biggest range tile prices from different stores from as low as $5.Their installation process is also easy, just as their maintenance and overall care.

One of the major setbacks of alternative methods of flooring such as wood is the high cost of maintenance. To keep surfaces such as wood shining and spotless requires a regular maintenance and an investment on brushes and polish. The ease to store them also greatly reduces the cost of the whole procedure.

They work with moisture-prone segments

Due to heir impervious and water-resistant abilities, tiles are very good for the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet and other areas that easily get wet. You only need to wipe the surface regularly to maintain it dry. They are also favorable across several weather patterns.

Now you know

Agreeably, quality tiles offer you far-reaching advantages. You also don’t require great mastery of the craft to install them; you can do it on your own. Most alternative methods require skilled expertise to handle but you can install quality tiles with only average home improvement skills.

One of the things that stand out is the ability to take care of the environment through tiling. The construction industry is specifically one of those where environmental concerns have been raised broadly. An alternative that helps you take care of your health and your environment is most welcome. In the modern construction industry, quality tiles are easily available.