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In the Winter, it is important to learn about the options available for heating up your small rooms. A cool breeze or a door/window left ajar can be enough to chill the entire space, and it can be difficult to warm the room up again without a little assistance from a source of heat. The following options are compact and perfect for turning your room into a warm and cozy oasis during those chilly months.

Pellet Stove These stoves come in sleek and stylish models, perfect for a room that is limited on space. A benefit of using a pellet stove for your heating source is that it is economical. These pellets are easy to find at your local grocery store and are cost efficient, as well. Another plus is the fact that there is no need for a chimney to omit smoke. Pellet stoves operate using a minimal amount of electricity. Check out HeatTalk for more in depth pellet stove reviews.

Ceramic Heater If you would like a constant source of heat without the danger of starting a fire or being burned, look no further. These compact heating sources allow for you to warm up in front of them without the risk of overheating. Many models of ceramic heaters exist on the market and are affordable for most budgets. The mobility that this type of heater offers can be very useful for targeting specific areas of the room. You can even store it away during the warmer months and take it out only when necessary.

Gas Fireplace Fireplaces don’t need to come equipped with a mantle and decorated with old knick-knacks. The modern day gas fireplace can come in a smaller sizes with chic finishes, great for heating up a small room. These fireplaces that were once looked at as an article of luxury living can now be suitable for almost anyone’s living situation. Since you will be using natural resources, there is no need to rack up your electric bill. The flame will provide a nice comfortable vibe in your room and a constant source of heat.

Rolling Electric Space Heater For an extremely mobile way to heat your room, try out one of these rolling space heaters. The versatility of these heaters can also benefit you when you might be seeking a fan as well. Adjusting the temperature control can provide you with cool air during the Summer and heating during the Winter. The settings are even adjustable to provide you with low, medium, and high options.

Toe-Kick Heater This method for heating your room requires the help of an electrician, but can be extremely handy. With the press of a button, activate your heating system and feel the room warm up. This is a discrete and efficient way to make sure that your room stays within a comfortable temperature. It is literally just as simple as pressing a button to turn the heating on and off. The base plate comes in many varieties and can be selected to mesh well with your current home decor and appliances.

Infrared Heater This style is popular at restaurants and bars because of its efficiency and attractive exterior. You can also choose to set one (or many) up in your home! Infrared heaters work very effectively and silently. With a simple on and off switch, you can choose to activate one when you feel that the room needs a little warming up. Because they are set up at ceiling level, there is no risk of being burned or getting injured by one.

Duct-Booster Fan If an entire new heating unit isn’t the route you want to take, try sprucing up what you already have with a bit of simple revival. This small fan can be placed into your heating duct to spread the heat throughout your room quicker. It is very easy to purchase and set up, truly a simple fix if you do not have a large budget to put towards heating.

Electric Floor Heat If you are seeking an invisible option that works well with no fuss, consider heated floors. This heating system works underneath your flooring, providing radiant heat in every area of the room. This can be ideal for a small space because of the way it is easily distributed.

Adjust Dampers Often overlooked is the maintenance involved with your heating ducts. By adjusting your dampers, this will allow the level of airflow coming through the duct. With a little bit of adjustment, this can easily control the temperature of your room without having to purchase anything additional.

Clean Filters When was the last time that you replaced your filters? A clogged furnace filter means that your HVAC system has to work overtime (this can result in higher costs). Having a clean filter also eliminates the dangers of potential fire hazard and keeps the air that is flowing through your home much cleaner.

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