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According to BBC News, an estimated 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, from which South Carolina, New Mexico and West Virginia are among the three US states with most mobile homes. This housing option became popular in the ‘50s as a convenient solution for those whose lifestyle required mobility. During the last couple of years, mobile homes have gained quite the recognition and are often used as permanent residences. People are coming up with amazing ideas on how to refurbish and embellish their mobile homes, so if you’re looking for some great remodeling tips, make sure to check some of these ideas.

Make Some RoomOne of the best perks of mobile homes is certainly the fact that they don’t have any beams to hold the walls or structures that would make it difficult to remove any barriers. This makes it much easier to do a home extension and give your household some additional space. It’s a great solution if you’re expecting a new family member or simply wish to add an additional room to the house. Some of the best ideas include a laundry room, guest room, playroom or nursery, but you can always decide to simply expand your kitchen or your living room to make it more spacious and refreshing.

Ditch the Wood Paneling

If you’re looking for the most effective way to transform your home, then the best solution is to redo the wood paneling. Many mobile homes have outdated wood panels, which can greatly diminish the aesthetical appeal of the space. That being said, it’s a good idea to move away from wood paneling and decide on a simple drywall. Of course, if you’re looking for an easier solution and something that won’t require removing all the panels, then it’s a good idea to repaint the panels in distinctive colors and to give them a fresh coat of lacquer.

Get Some New Fixtures

A fairly inexpensive, yet quite an effective way to alter the appearance of your mobile home is to replace the old hardware around the house. This applies not only to bathroom and kitchen fixtures, but also to all knobs, door handles, racks and other old hardware. You can choose from a variety of designs and styles in order to achieve the desired look. One thing that you should think about is choosing proper fixtures for your home, as certain fittings are different for mobile and conventional houses.

Focus on the Roof

There are certain remodeling things which should be observed from a more technical aspect, rather than a decorative one. A fine example of this is the roof and the ceiling of your home. Because of the fact that most roofs on mobile homes are flat and made of metal, there’s always a fair amount of risk associated with water damage. This is why it’s crucial to regularly inspect your roof, and preferably hire a professional inspector to examine the overall state of the roof and ceiling. This way, you can tackle any issues regarding drainage, prevent any further damage, but also install a new roof which will drastically improve the overall look of your home.

Find A Good ContractorLast, but certainly not least is finding a good contractor for your mobile home remodel. There are a few tips that could help you find a reliable contractor, as it’s not always possible to handle all repairs by yourself. It’s crucial to do thorough research and preferably get a personal reference. The park manager, maintenance staff and mobile home dealers could give you some useful info, but it’s also a good idea to check community announcement boards and check with other community residents.

Commonly praised as a relatively inexpensive housing solution, but also a great option if you’re looking for a temporary home, mobile homes are becoming quite a favorable option. There are plenty of ways to give your mobile home the atmosphere it deserves without doing some major work and wasting a lot of money.