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Spring has arrived and if there’s one thing that spring and summer bring, it’s fast-growing grass. Guess who’s job it is to cut all of that grass. Mine. Well, yours too, since you are reading this and looking for a great lawnmower. You’ve come to the right place.

This season, make the job easier by using a reliable lawn mower that will get the job done fast, with no hassle. Gadget Review recently researched the Black & Decker 60v Powerswap and we are going tell you what makes this model stand out from the crowd.


Features Powerswap technology for a longer runtime


Maneuvers nicely


The 20-inch width may not be large enough for some

Not self-propelled

The Black & Decker 60v Powerswap is a 20-inch mower that features “powerswap” technology. This essentially means that there are two 60V batteries in the mower’s battery chamber. One thing that we liked is that you can change between these batteries with a handy switch.

This is useful when the first one is about to run out. You can switch them at that time and never miss a beat. The batteries are nicely designed as well. We like that they’re small and easy to charge. The indicator is always on showing you the remaining battery power at all times.

This model is also easy to assemble and we liked that it was built to be durable. It also manages to be lightweight at the same time. Like most mowers, it comes with its own mulch/clippings bag, which was larger than we expected. The 3-in-1 configuration lets you mulch clippings, bag them or discharge out the side.

It may only offer 20 inches of cutting real estate, but all of these features make up for the size. This will be fine for some yards, while other users might want a bigger footprint. It features a six-setting height adjustment from 1 1/3 in. up to 4 in. that lets you control how high or low you cut your grass.

If it’s speed you’re looking for, look no further. The Black & Decker 60v Powerswap gets the job done fast. In our tests, it cut through grass easily and quickly. Those blades are no joke. The mower is easy to push because it doesn’t feel like you are pushing a mower at all. It just feels effortless.

This mower also comes with “autosense technology” built-in. This helps to conserve power when the batteries are low. That way you can finish your job before you run out of juice. When first charged, the batteries take around 5-6 hours, but after that, they charge more quickly.

The company rates this mower for about 1/3 of an acre, but it seems like it can do much more with no problems.

This is an all-around excellent lawn mower that should be in service for a long time. All the while it will be a workhorse, delivering a great looking lawn after every use. We recommend this one highly. You may have noticed that there’s really nothing we didn’t like about this lawn mower. It will save you time and do the job right.


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