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They say first
impressions count the most, and that they’re the most lasting. If this is true,
then it is imperative that you get a door mat just right. It has to look as if
you chose it first, that the house was designed around it. There are many different
shapes and styles available to fit the many different shapes and styles of a
hallway. The following tips will help ensure that you make the right choice:

 Functionality has to come first

The hallway of a house
is an extremely busy foot traffic area. As such, a door mat needs to be of a
simple enough design and texture to ensure easy cleaning. There’s no point in
having a mat which spends most of its life at the dry cleaners!
A rug should be big enough
to nearly fill the hallway. Too big and it will appear like a carpet and will detract
from the hallway decor. An appropriate doormat should be big enough to be
noticed and wide enough not to trip people over; wider than the door width at
least. It should always be directing people away from the door and into the
house, this assist in welcoming them in.

Pick a doormat with personality

For those who don’t know
you or who have not been to your home before, this is their first glimpse of
you. A chosen rug should reflect your personality. If you’re bright and
cheerful, let the doormat be bright and cheerful. Mats with writings on can be
an excellent idea.  Guests not only get
to see a glimpse of your persona but also have a talking point. This is
exceptionally good when throwing a dinner party and not all the guest know each

Patterns that make an impression

A small rung in a large
hallway can seem ridiculous. It is almost pointless. This is even true in a
small hallway. Small hallways require large rugs with large geometric shapes on
it. These shapes will draw the eye and fool the mind into thinking the hallway
is much larger than it actually is.
Don’t place a rug right
in front of the door. If your hallway is long and narrow, then make sure your
rug is at least as wide as the door and stretches down the hallway. Visitors’
eyes will be drawn down the hall to the room or feature at the end and not
register a narrow hallway. 
Equally, if your hallway
is wide but shallow a rectangular rug is best. It should be at least twice the
width of the door but centred on the door. This will ensure people look to the
rug and follow it with their eyes, automatically turning into the space and not
registering the wall in front of them.

Shape matters

Round rugs have always
suggested opulence and elegance. They can be used in larger hallway, preferably
with ornate front doors. The effect can be finished with a feature light hanging
above the rug. It should never be right in front of the door. The rug should be
far enough back to be fully visible as your guest crosses the threshold. This
ensures they are in the hallway and then they are enveloped in the setting. Anyone
fortunate enough to have curved stairs will find round rugs particularly
beneficial as the curve matches the curve of the stairs.


A beautiful doormat can show your visitors your personality and the personality of your home. You can also
throw them off the scent by using an oriental fringed rug or similar to provide
a rustic charm. But the most important part of any rug is to make sure it is
fastened down properly. Some rugs are heavy and will not move easily but some
having backings which will cause the mat to slide. It won’t matter how
magnificent your home is or how well chosen the mat if the first thing your
guest feels is his feet hitting the floor.
Make your entryway look
different and invest in a top-quality doormat. Select an unusual model and thus
you’ll be sure that your friends and family will be welcomed. Don’t forget to
select a durable type of material, such as bamboo, coir or rubber.

By Peter Smith and CobaEurope.com!