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In a perfect world, every room of your home would be large, light filled and with plenty of room for your stuff. The reality, though, is that many people have smaller rooms for their living spaces, that can make decorating a challenge.

Thankfully, there are many ways to decorate a small living room that are stylish, attractive, and that can help visually enlarge the space at the same time. Check out these tips for decorating a small living room to make the most of your space.

Cool and Light Colors

When decorating a small space, your first consideration should always be to the wall color. Color can have a major impact on how a space is perceived, and your walls will dictate much of the palette for the rest of the space.

When choosing the colors for your living room, keep two things in mind: your colors should be light and cool in tone. Cool colors recede visually when you look at them, which means that the surface painted in a cool color will look further away, making your living room look larger.

Light colors also help to visually enlarge a room. This is because light colored walls help to reflect the light already there, which in turn will help to brighten the space, making it appear airy and larger than it is.

Unbroken Flooring

It can be tempting to break up your floors with lots of throw rugs, floor pillows, and other items, but this can mean that you break up the room visually as well. Leave the flooring as open and uncluttered as possible, using the widest size of flooring tile available; this will create an optical illusion that the room is bigger than it is as well.

The only things you should place on the floor, should be your furnishings. Keep them out to the edges of the room whenever possible to make the most of the space visually.

Multipurpose Furniture

Sometimes, the easiest way to make the most of a small space is to have everything you put in there do double duty – including your furniture. Multipurpose furniture can offer storage or seating solutions that you might lack otherwise.

If you’re concerned about style, consider multipurpose Amish furniture. Amish furniture has classic lines and wood tones that blend well with many living room styles. The pieces are also built to last, with quality workmanship, so no matter how much you may need to use them, they’ll still stand the test of time.

Create Windows in Wall Art

(Photo courtesy of Paul Grogan Photography)

It’s indisputable that windows help to visually enlarge rooms. But what happens when your living room doesn’t have enough, or they have to remain covered for privacy? The next best thing may be to use canvas wall art instead.

Create some unique canvas wall art that can mimic the view from a window. Choose nature scenes, and print them on large canvases that can give you the idea that you’re actually viewing the outdoors to bring some color, interest, and detail to your designs, but without cluttering your walls or your décor.

Add Mirrors

Another great technique for decorating a small living room is to include lots of mirrors in your design. Mirrors reflect any available light, which is particularly beneficial if your living room is both small and dark. Hang mirrors of varying sizes around the room, or create interesting groupings of mirrors together on one wall to help boost any natural light the room receives, and make it feel bigger.

Create Comfort Not Clutter

Take a look at all the various items you include in your décor, and keep only those things that you really love or that really create a better design. Too much of anything in a small space can make it feel smaller, so pare down your possessions to only the best to avoid making the space seem too small.

Create a Better Living Room

If your living room is small, use these tips and tricks to help make it look larger. It won’t take long before you feel like your living room has actually grown in size once you get started.