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Bringing a puppy into your home doesn’t mean you have to
compromise on the style and design of your house, though it is true that
puppies do bring with them a certain amount of mess and destruction

Before you do anything, begin by preparing for
the new puppy
, this includes buying all of the necessary items,
such as bowls for your puppy to drink and eat out of, toys to play with and a
bed to sleep in. You can even make these things more stylish, for example, buy
some pretty designed or antique-look bowls and/or buy a large pillow that
matches your décor, in replacement of a standard pet bed.

Here are some things you can do to your home to make it look
stylish, yet puppy friendly, these include:
●     Add
a rug: pets love a rug to curl up and sleep on, often choosing this over their
bed.  Adding a rug is a good idea as they
are much easier to clean/replace than carpets and allow the mess to be more
contained to the one area.   When you buy
a rug choose one that has dark colours and small patterns, as this doesn’t show
stains or fur as much as solid colour or larger patterns.  Also buy a low-pile rug to avoid your pets
claws getting caught in the strands of fabric.
●     Throws
and blankets: having plenty of throws and blankets around the home is ideal,
you can lay these out for your dog to sit on 
and move the out the way when you have people over, containing the fur
to the blanket rather than the upholstery. 
You can constantly update your throws to change the style of your décor
and these are much cheaper to replace than a sofa. 
●     Closed
storage solutions: puppies are prone to teething, which often means they will
chew on anything and everything. 
Half-chewed items around your home is hardly stylish, furthermore, it
doesn’t look neat and tidy like a stylish home should.  Buying some ottomans or other forms of storage
solutions are therefore perfect.
●     Decorate
to match your pet: choose a colour scheme that matches the colour of your pet’s
fur.  Black fur is much less like to show
on black furniture, whereas, it will show a lot on white carpets and sofa. 

●     Durable
flooring:  when you decorate think about
the type of flooring you install, try to select something that is durable and
therefore will not get destroyed as easily. 
Hardwood floors and tiling can look very stylish, while also providing
some durability. 
●     Consider
the fabric of your furniture: some fabrics attract fur which clings to them and
is difficult to remove.  Fabrics like
velvet or chenille are some of the worst for this, furthermore, they can easily
become damaged quite quickly.
●     Leather
sofas: though leather can become scratched and punctured by pet claws, it is
one of the more durable materials,it is easy to clean and what’s more is it is a stylish fabric
●     Paint
your walls:  when you decorate avoid
using wallpaper which can be easily torn by dogs clawing or rubbing against
it.  Instead use a semi-gloss paint, the
solid colours can still look incredibly stylish, moreover, you can clean away
any dirty patches by wiping the paint, making it look as good as new.
Create special places:  create some places in your home that your dog
can call their own, somewhere in the home so they can still be part of the
These are just a few of the many ways
in which you can make your home puppy friendly and stylish, all at the same