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A critical element associated with gorgeous and comfortable interior design relates to the use of space. Space planning is critical if you want to create a relaxing and functional environment. Unfortunately, many homeowners who take a do-it-yourself approach to interior design struggle with space planning. These important tips can help you to maximize the use of space while creating a wonderful home environment.

Measure Your Space

For each room that you are decorating, you must focus heavily on the amount of space available. Because of this, you need to know the dimensions of each room or otherwise measure the space carefully. In addition, measure your furnishings. Consider creating a visual rendering of the space with the furnishings in it. This can help you to determine where to place each item in various rooms and if you need to choose smaller or larger furnishings as an alternative.

Focus on Foot Traffic

When a room is too crowded with large or numerous furnishings, it can be difficult for your guests and family to maneuver throughout the space. This can create a stressful, uncomfortable experience. The placement of the furnishings can also affect the flow of traffic. Understand how much space is needed for foot traffic, and consider the ideal placement of furnishings with maneuverability in mind.

Remember to Use Vertical Space

Your use of vertical space is just as important as your use of horizontal space when decorating. Bookshelves, TV stands, hanging shelves and more can all be used for decorative features, to hold lamps and for storage. Remember, however, that too many vertical items in your space can generate a closed-off feel in the space that creates an unnecessary sense of stress.

Know When to Seek Professional Assistance

With so many factors to consider when decorating your home with spatial planning in mind, you may understandably feel overwhelmed by the project in front of you. You may also feel intimidated by the importance of the task. Professional designers, like those from Sharon McCormick Design, canassist you with as much or as little of your interior decorating project as you desire.

Space planning is not a matter to take lightly when you are decorating your own home and want to enjoy amazing results from your effort. Some homeowners overlook this important factor altogether, and many who do focus on it find it challenging to achieve desirable results. Use these important tips to attempt to generate a great environment. However, do not be afraid to seek professional help when needed.