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Even though college is one of the best times of your life, that dorm room life away from your family can sometimes be quite depressing. However, just like every problem, this one also has a solution, and that solution is adjusting your dorm room to fit you better. And the fact you will leave it eventually shouldn’t stop you from making your dorm room more “bearable”. Here are some quick DIY changes that will make your dorm room feel warmer and more like home.


You are going to spend the next four or five years of your life here; in other words, this space should look and be a bit cozier than a hospital room, right?

One way to do so is to display photos all over the place. There is nothing like those captured moments of you and your loved ones that bring character and homey vibes to the space. A good idea is to visit a flea market and buy an acrylic desk topper and put the photos underneath it so they are protected. And the next time you sit behind your desk to study, and look down at it, you will definitely smile. Not to mention that you will most definitely have one-of-a-kind desk.
Besides the desk, there are other ways to display photos around the room. You can create a picture clothesline, put them in frames, or simply tape them onto the wall.

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

The second way to personalize this space is with the help of toys. Even though you are an adult now, you probably still have your first Barbie doll or that Teddy Bear you couldn’t sleep without. If you haven’t brought your important toys with you, contact your family to send them to you, or simply pick them up when you go home, and later place them somewhere visible, on a shelf, bed, or wherever you kept them when you were home.

Finally, the holy grail of personalizing – monograms. Having a monogrammed pillow, toiletry bag or notebook in your dorm room, will instantly make the space feel more like your own. Monograms just add that special dose of familiarity – even in completely new spaces.

Adding some fun

If you really want to revive this space, don’t fear to throw in as many colors as possible in there. Just take a look at this amazing student accommodation in Brisbane and the usage of colors in their dorm rooms. They look so welcoming and warm, just like teenager rooms in family homes, right? And even though you may be a minimalistic type, there is nothing wrong with being a little bold sometimes. Roll up your sleeves and paint one accent wall, get that cool fire red blanket from the store, put on a few neon pillowcases etc. Have fun.

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Pointing out your creativity

Everyone has a hidden artist in them. And now is the time to set him free. Frame your posters with a washi tape, make a masking tape deco (which is, by the way, the cheapest way to add some life into your dorm room, and the easiest one because this tape is easy to remove when you get bored of it), use fairy lights to make custom marquee signs or shapes, paint something and proudly display it etc. It is your ‘home’ – do whatever you want.


The air in dorm rooms can, for various reasons, be quite stuffy and sometimes even smelly. And let’s face it, that is nothing like home. This is why you have to ventilate daily (this is important both for your mind and overall feeling in the room) and maybe even consider adding a couple of potted plants into the space. They will not only improve the air quality, but also make your dorm room feel a lot cozier and warmer.

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Making it fluffy

Regardless of whether you are a daddy’s princess or a macho man, fluffiness is what gives the sense of comfort, which is exactly what a dorm room needs.

The first thing to go with are definitely pillows. The bigger the better. Besides adding warmth and color to the space, they are definitely the best thing to jump into after a long day of lectures and studying.

Besides pillows, get a couple of fuzzy blankets that will both look nice and feel great to snuggle up into.

Finally, fix that cold and ugly floor with a nice rug. It will keep your feet warm and make the space look way nicer.

That would be it. What do you think about these ideas? Feel free to comment.

Have fun decorating your dorm room.