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Bath time is probably one of the activities that kids are not really fond of. Every morning, it is the parents’ task to get their kids up and ready for school but taking a bath could be quite an ordeal. How do you deal with this type of situation? Kids are very visual; anything with a good and colorful design could interest them immediately. Let their imagination run wild by designing a bathroom that is stylish and very child-friendly.

Now the good news is that making your bathroom ideal for kids will not cost you a fortune, you could even do it yourself. As a parent you should also be aware that aside from the design, safety is also another thing that should not be missed out. Here are some easy tricks that could surely make your kids love their bathroom:

  1. Choose a theme that your kids will love. Decorate a girl’s bathroom with their favorite cartoon characters or use bright colors for the walls such as pink and yellow. On the other hand, boys might be interested in having a nautical inspired shower area. Let your kids be involved, ask if they have any ideas and suggestions for the bathroom design.
  2. Since kids will surely splash water just about everywhere, it is better to invest on wall tiles that are easy to clean. Rubber mats are also a must. Place them in the shower to prevent accidents that can be caused by a wet surface.
  3. Avoid having sharp corners around the sink area. Opt for bathroom fixtures that are round instead with sharp edges.
  4. As your child grows up his interest in the design might change as well. It is more economical to purchase bathroom items that are of the regular size. Provide stools or step up ladders that could help them.
  5. Check online for bathroom necessities that are safe for children. Adding a few bath toys could make the shower activity fun.

This is also a good opportunity to teach your children about simple ways on how to keep the bathroom clean. Have a storage space where they could place their bath necessities after use.

Author – Rick is a freelance content writer is also fond of traveling and outdoor adventures. He enjoys working for Palmetto Road Flooring and sees this as an opportunity to share information about a special type of handscraped hardwood flooring.