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The birds are singing – and so are all the outdoor enthusiasts who are happily emerging out onto their patios, blinking from the light the refreshing summer sun. The cold and dark evenings of winter are soon going to be a distant memory, replaced by fun and festive get-togethers with friends and family.

But who should the party end when the summer sun slips beneath the horizon? How can you make the most of even the nighttime hours with your pool and patio area?

Making your pool and patio come alive

There are many options to liven up your backyard as darkness begins to fall. An outdoor fireplace, for example, gives a cozy atmosphere and a natural gathering spot. Add in a custom-made pergola or pavilion and you’ve got a recipe for tranquility.

Your patio area should be a natural extension of the home, utilizing design elements from the rest of the home with both sweeping and subtle gestures. Deliberate planning in advance makes sure that the outdoor design is consistent, while also adding functionality and enjoyment.

Cabanas, pavilions and outdoor structures

Don’t let the sudden appearance of dark and angry clouds prevent you from enjoying your backyard. All too often the pitter patter of rain on the rooftop puts an abrupt end to a fun evening outside with friends.

Incorporating a cabana or other roofed structure into the layout of your backyard gives a place where you can dive for cover when bad weather threatens. Furnishing this structure with wicker or lounge chairs means you can have a place to escape even the “bad” days of summer.

After the rain clouds scatter, an outdoor structure will also give you a pleasant place of shade for when you simply want to curl up with a book, away from the sun’s rays.

Night time lighting

The arrival of night shouldn’t necessarily mean that it is time to retreat into the living room. These days there are plenty of options for night time lighting that adds a certain creative zest to your backyard. Try installing outdoor LED lights on your patio or in your pool. Utilizing a consistent colour palette in your lighting will help it to neatly accent the rest of your property.

Not in the mood for LED lights? Firelight can add a romantic touch. Outdoor fireplaces or torches can provide the relaxing flicker of soft, warm light.

Small Backyard? No Problem!

If you’re a homeowner who live in suburbs, you might not be fully realizing the creative potential of your backyard. Limited space might be a valid problem if you have your eyes on expansive pools with elaborate landscape work. But the old adage “less is more” can be a very practical guideline in these circumstances.

Any custom pool or landscape designer worth his salt can work with the available space to craft a backyard that is truly worthy of summer. The process requires careful planning and consideration of the homeowner’s needs and desires, but it is well worth the effort.

Get the most out of your backyard

Chances are you’ve got an eye for what your backyard can become. Don’t let your plans, dreams and efforts be in vain; take the time to consider how patio elements can really help you extend the useable hours of your property – letting you enjoy summer without any restrictions.

Article Author: Frank Myrland on behalf of Pool Craft