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Your holiday home already feels like paradise, and why shouldn’t it? There’s little more luxurious than hopping on a short flight to the Costa del Sol, and pulling up to your own private spot to enjoy sizzling sunshine and magnificent scenery.

Whether your Spanish home is a haven to enjoy family time away from everyday life, or a luxurious pad to host week-long tanning sessions with your friends, there are four features that can make your escape from the UK just that little bit more indulgent.

A Swimming Pool

Nothing feels quite as luxurious as dipping your toes into your private pool to cool off from the Spanish heat. Adding a swimming pool to your holiday home will provide benefits for the whole family, keeping you refreshed, active and together, during your vacation.

A morning swim is a perfect way to prepare for the day, while a quick dip in the afternoon will help you cool off in even the warmest weather. Keep it stocked with inflatables and you’ll have a tropical delight to entice even the most technology-addicted teenager offline for a couple of hours. Installing a pool is also a great way to maintain your social life, as neighbours and friends from home will be hard-pushed to refuse a pool-party invite, giving you an excellent excuse to use your home as a venue for any celebration.

The good news is that pools are more affordable than ever, with different sizes and styles available to suit every budget. According to the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA), a 15-foot above-ground pool can be purchased for as little as £1,400, although expect a more sophisticated in-ground design will cost you at least £20,000. While DIY pros can probably handle a small above-ground project, save yourself the stress and contact a Marbella based construction company to complete it for you.

An Outdoor Cocina

Spanish life is about connecting with the outdoors – and why not? A house on the Costa del Sol will give you around 300 days of sunshine a year, offering you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful coast and the stunning Sierra Bermeja up close. Why end your day indoors, when the dusk is so beautiful?

The first thing you’ll notice about cooking outside is how much more relaxing it is. Instead of preparing your meals in a baking hot kitchen you can cool off in the breeze while enjoying the company of your family or friends.

When designing an outdoor kitchen, plan your space carefully. Take the time to map out counters and appliances, and double check you have the room for dining, as well as cooking. It’s a good idea to install an awning or pergola over the area, so you don’t have to worry about sunburn or getting caught in the drizzle as you cook.

Space to Unwind

Between splashing around in your pool and feasting on a sizzling, al fresco meal, you need somewhere comfortable and cool to put your feet up. Treat your home (and yourself) to a dedicated outdoor space to unwind and reconnect with your friends and family, with comfortable seating and entertainment.

Modular seating is a stylish option for flexibility, and can come in a range of designs to match modern or traditional properties. Choose fabrics and materials that can withstand the weather (direct sunshine as well as rain), and won’t be easily marked by sand or chlorine if you’re positioning it close to the pool. Wherever possible, keep them shaded by parasols, pergolas or awnings to stop them from fading, and from getting too hot to sit on in the middle of the day.

If you feel like splashing out on something a little more indulgent, install an outdoor bar area, complete with glass storage, refrigerator and ice chest. Lighting and heating will help you make the most of it all year round, and provide the ultimate space to party with friends, or enjoy a quiet nightcap with your partner.

A Fire Pit

One way to make your holiday feel a little longer is to stretch out the evenings by the light of a fire pit. They’re a perfect way to keep warm when the temperature drops, and provide a romantic atmosphere for intimate evenings, or lively lighting for buzzing soirees.fire-pit

Adding a fire pit to your home is an easy step to make, as they take up as much or as little space as you can afford, and come in many different styles. Choose a simple, rustic design that incorporates natural materials for a traditional look, or up the ante with an edgy fire “bowl” or chiminea.

Finish off your fire pit with some comfortable chairs or cushions in a U-shaped formation, to curl up on and enjoy the twilight.