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Maintaining a clean and tidy garden can be a challenge, especially if your outdoor area is extensive, what with leaves, grass cuttings, dead branches and weeds to remove on a regular basis. Local authorities do not allow for garden waste to be included in the regular rubbish collections, and if you live in an urban environment, disposing of garden waste can be a real challenge. If you have to face this problem on a regular basis, here are a few helpful hints to ensure that removing garden waste is a lot easier.

  • Skip Hire – The best solution to removing garden waste is to hire a suitably sized skip, which can be left in a convenient spot nearby and collected when full. For those who live in Australia, there are responsible companies that offer trusted skip bin hire in Brisbane such as Bins Skips Waste and Recycling, and with their help, garden waste will no longer be an issue, and they also dispose of the waste in a responsible manner. An established provider would have an extensive range of domestic skips, and with a reliable delivery and collection service, you can forget about that unsightly mess for good.
  • Create a Compost Heap – If you are an avid gardener, you might already have a compost heap in one corner of your garden, and if you have not, now is the best time to start. Leaves and grass cuttings can be included, along with any food waste (which also reduces the risk of blocked drains), and after a while, this will decompose and provide all the nutrients your garden plants need, and you might also want to prepare a small piece of ground at the rear of the property to grow some vegetables. If you are interested in doing this, there is a guide to creating a compost area in your garden, which will really help your trees and plants.
  • Allocate a Temporary Storage Area – This is best located out of sight, and as you accumulate leaves, weeds and grass cuttings, deposit them in your secluded corner. Then, when you have enough to fill a small skip, which can hold an awful lot, call your local skip hire company and they will deliver the skip on the same day. Once full, another call will ensure the waste is removed and disposed of in a responsible manner.

In former times, having a bonfire in the garden would do the trick, yet strict environmental laws prohibit this, especially in an urban area, and the fines can be substantial. Hiring a skip is without a doubt the best solution, and you can arrange a bi-monthly agreement with the hire company, and that takes care of the problem. If you are doing any home improvements, having a skip can be very handy, and other waste can be added to the garden stuff. It is also great for that annual spring clean, when we have a chance to get rid of the unwanted items that seem to build up.