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It might be the spare room that had gradually reached the point where it is full and you wish to reclaim it, or perhaps a guest room that has seen better days. If you have decided to work some magic on this seldom used living space, there are many possibilities. In order to best visualise the expected outcome, remove as much of the furniture as you can, which will give you a clearer idea of what you have, and by keeping in line with the décor concept, you can begin to design the room. If you are lacking a little inspiration, take a look at some online example images of interior layouts, which will likely help you with the design.

The Walls and Ceiling

Once the room is emptied, thorough cleaning is essential, and starting at the very top, brush the ceiling until it is free from cobwebs and dust. All the walls should be brushed and any pictures removed. Whether you have decided on wallpaper or paint, prepare the surfaces accordingly. Either way, the ceiling should be painted white, and if you are going to paint the walls, make sure you use a top quality brand. With the right colour and a couple of coats, you have the basis for your room décor.


Now is the perfect time to get rid of those heavy and cumbersome curtains and replace them with fabric blinds. It is possible to buy blackout blinds made to measure that trusted retailers are selling on their online shop, and with a range of rich colours, you have complete control over screening. If, for example, the room is going to be used as overnight accommodation, blackout blinds are ideal, as your guests can sleep in without being woken by strong direct sunlight. Any time they wish to have darkness, they can simply pull the blinds down.

Intended Use

Before you start thinking about interior design, consider what you intend the room to be used for. You might want to use the room as an office or as a study centre for the kids. Once you have decided upon that, you can start to think about furniture. If you would like some further reading on the basic principles of interior design, there are refreshing articles available online that will point you to the right direction.


It might work to furnish the room with items that are occupying other rooms, or at least you can utilise some items. Anything else you need can be sourced from a car boot sale. If the room is to be used for overnight guests, you will, of course, need a bed. Otherwise, the room should be furnished with adequate comfortable seating and a table.

Regarding lighting, LED solutions give you a wide spectrum of both colour and brightness. Whether you opt for a traditional ceiling or wall lights, dimmer switches will give you fine control over lighting. Bedside lamps are ideal if the room is for overnight guests and there are many styles to choose from if you buy from an online supplier. Fabric roller blinds provide the perfect screening, and this allows you to block out all the natural light at any time, even in the middle of the day.