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Spring cleaning is important but not many people enjoy doing it such a hefty, dull and time-consuming task. If you too feel in a similar way, lighten up because you can make this process more time-efficient, effective and even pleasant. With some new tricks up your sleeve, you can go a long way.

History and origins of spring cleaning

In order to hack something, you first need to get to know it well. It is hard to say when and how exactly spring cleaning came to be because almost every culture around the world has a big annual cleaning tradition for one reason or another. In the past, Iranians did a thorough cleaning of their homes before the arrival of the Persian new year which was celebrated in the spring. Jews also had a similar tradition before Passover which also falls in the spring. Post-winter cleaning was also a must in countries with colder climates where people used to heat their houses with a fireplace.

Why is spring cleaning such a big deal?

We are now living in different times but spring cleaning continues to be a common practice all over the world. That is also the case in the UK where seven out of ten people spring their home every year. While not everyone makes an effort to meticulously sanitise their house at least once a year, spring cleaning is still a big thing today.

Spring cleaning statistics for the United Kingdom

  • Women are more likely to clean their homes in the spring than man (76% vs 67%) and nearly 20% of men have never spring cleaned;
  • Nearly 40% of Londoners admit that they don’t have the habit to deep clean their home annually;
  • People aged between 35 and 44 dedicate 10 more hours to their annual spring clean than those aged 25-34;
  • UK’s most avid spring cleaners live in Northern Ireland, where the percentage of people who do a thorough cleaning of their house every year is the highest one in the country (90%);
  • 11 hours – the average amount Britons dedicate to their annual spring cleaning routine;

UK regions in which people are most likely to spring clean

Region Percentage of people who spring clean
Northern Ireland 90%
North East England 82%
Wales 81%
North West England 78%
East of England 77%
Scotland 73%
East Midlands 72%
South East 72%
Yorkshire and The Humber 70%
London 62%

But that is good news since homes are a breeding ground for various viruses and microorganisms. By doing an annual deep clean, you can keep them under control. That is vital if you want you and your family to enjoy good health.

Pictured: Cleaning a kitchen sink

Dirtiest spots in your home

  • Kitchen sink – Salmonella and E. coli are can be found in the kitchen sinks of most homes;
  • Doorknobs – breeding ground of various viruses and flues, including swine flu and calicivirus;
  • Toothbrushes – valid mostly for toothbrushes stored in the bathroom;
  • Kitchen countertops – has 361 units of colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch;
  • Remove controls – rhinovirus is found on the surface of every second remote control;
  • Keyboards – 200 times dirtier than a toilet seat;
  • Mobile phones – has 27 units of colony-forming units of bacteria in a square inch;
  • Cutting boards – has more faecal bacteria than a toilet seat;
  • Sponges – an average of 10 million bacteria per square inch can be found on every household sponge;

Spring cleaning hacks

If you do not like to clean, you do not need to spring your home. You can hire a team of certified cleaning technicians to cross this task off of your to-do list. This is one of the best spring cleaning hacks you can get as it will require zero amount of your personal time, absolutely no efforts and yet the end result will be outstanding. Yes, such professional cleaning solutions do cost money but not all cleaners charge too much for the services they offer. Skilled experts are trained and equipped to provide their customers with a wide selection of cleaning methods, including steam and dry cleaning. Plus, they can treat nearly all types of surfaces and furniture pieces. As a result, your spring-time cleaning will be more comprehensive and effective than ever. You may not own a powerful truck-mounted vacuum cleaning system or an efficient hot water extractor but pros do and that is why they can quickly eliminate built-up dust, spills and stubborn stains. That will make your home not only easier on the eye but also more health-friendly as it will say goodbye to allergens, microorganisms, pollens and dust bunnies. Therefore, if you want to hack the spring cleaning game, book an insured cleaning company. That is the fastest way to deep clean your house.

Those of you, who actually enjoy doing chores around the house and are looking forward to their next spring cleaning, can make the process slightly more efficient by using a cleaning bucket or a cleaning caddy. Put all of your tools and products such as an all-purpose cleaner, microfiber cloths, rubber gloves, duster, scrub brush and etc. in it. In that way, you will not need to constantly go back and forth around the house since all of your equipment will be with you wherever you go.

Pictured: A spring cleaning bucket

To properly clean your windows without smearing them use newspapers instead of a cloth. Even if your windows are very dusty and grimy, you will have an easy time wiping them since paper can scrape off all the dirt without leaving any smear traces.

Speaking of smears, mirrors are yet another daunting thing to clean. If your mirror is covered in stains and spots, cleaning it will only smear it. Again, you can use newspaper to wipe it well but this time you can also apply some shaving cream over the mirror’s surface. That will help you clean it swiftly and without leaving any smear traces on it. What is more, this will prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging when you take a shower. Now isn’t that brilliant!

There are many other spring cleaning hacks you can try out. For example, you can remove pet hair from furniture and carpets with rubber gloves and remove the stains from your tap faucets with vinegar. See, spring cleaning is not that hard after all!

Video on 15 Great Spring Cleaning Tips