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French furniture isn’t just a sight to behold but adds to the aesthetics of your space. Magnificent and exemplary, interior design that employs French furniture and fixtures creates a feeling of royalty. Most designs comprise of sophisticated and elegant furniture usually made in Paris mostly for aristocrats, wealthy bourgeoisie and have retained cultural identities.

Types of wood used for French Furniture

French furniture is made of high-grade sturdy wood and is a guarantee of durability-not just several years but decades. In the early days in Paris French furniture was usually veneered but provincial pieces were normally of natural solid wood. Furniture ranges from side tables, dining tables, dressing tables and bedside tables. The gracious curves taking different angles identify construction style. An impression of luxury and wealth is enhanced by the expensive textiles that are silky or embossed prints to complete a look for couches. See the list below for the most common types of wood used in French furniture.

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Beech
  • Wild
  • Cherry
  • Olive
  • Ash

Is French Furniture Practical

If you are wondering if French furniture is practical for the whole house, there is no doubt. You can employ this style in your interior design plans, and the elegance will be incomparable. Simplicity and class is a surety. French furniture can transform a dull space to a vibrant and striking space because of the aesthetic value of the design. If you have very few ornaments in a room, bringing in French furniture is enough to bring glamour and more life in that vicinity. The magnificent curves and printed fabric is enough to make the room pop, which means you can cut on accessories.

French Upholstery

Upholstery and the finest materials used in construction will save you the stress of buying new furniture in a very long time. Different types of fabric used to upholster French furniture include Toile De Jouy which usually consists of floral patterns and faded leaf prints, you can see a few more listed below.

  • Toile De Jouy   (strong material with woven fibres)
  • Brocade   (made with a method called supplementary weft)
  • Twill   (this material has a front and back pattern)
  • Corduroy   (stands for “cord of the king”)
  • Jacquard   (a raised pattern woven into the fabric)

French furniture can be used in your entire house since it blends well with most curtains, drapery, accessories and ornaments, flooring and ceiling designs. There is no limitation to the room size, type or style so you can incorporate French furniture anywhere. Regardless of whether you have a traditional or modern home, the design will work well and to blend in with different styles is not a problem.

Replica French Style Furniture

Acquiring a royal mood or setting does not necessarily mean that you have to break the bank if you buy replica French antique style furniture. Replica French furniture evokes a sense of serenity, charm, and royalty. In this era, this type of furniture isn’t restricted to the royal blood only. The common man can get French furniture as a real time investment.

Natural Looking Furniture

Naturalness is enhanced by French furniture. The finishing is mostly lightly oiled and sealed to enhance the wood grain. The detailed carvings make the furniture highly stylish and less industrial. French furniture depicts a timeless fashion when it comes to interior design. Several aspects make this type of furniture chic and adorable. The inclusion of  bow legs, golden trimmings, adorned legs, painstakingly carved handles and edges of drawers draw your eyes to the furniture and the grain of the wood.

Sometimes, an antique look is employed or a slight finishing to create a rustic look. Curved contours can be finished with mostly white or cream colors that mostly dominate this style.

French furniture is set to leave your home feeling deluxe, luxurious and grand and you can loosen in this lavish surrounding without feeling financially drained. You cannot compare the wow feeling of a room with French furniture and that with ordinary furniture.