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Decorating your home is a challenging task, but if carried whole heartedly you can feel emotionally attached to each and every piece of your home. The interior market is full of new and trendy statement pieces that make you fall for them despite their heavy price tags. However, some people have financial restriction when it comes to allotting budget for home décor. But you don’t need to worry as there are so many alternate options in the market that would serve the purpose of your décor. To me the principle of good décor is not how heavily you invest but how wisely you organize your décor within the minimalist approach. This article is a five step guide for the people who want to make their dream of a well-designed home come true on a budget friendly basis.

1. Paint your own theme:

The best way to decorate your home on a budget is to give your walls a theme that reflects your personality. There are two ways to give a theme to your home walls. You can either prefer for a unified theme for the whole house but if you are more of an extrovert type of person then opt for a stylish two-tone scheme.

2. Sew your own customized pillows:

The second best budget saving advice can be stated in terms of repurposing and recycling the fabric available at home to frame your own customized pillows. Sew together old sweaters, tea towels, or T-shirts, and you’ll end up with bright pops of color and unique patterns that you wouldn’t find at your standard home store.

3. Place some lifetime memories on your home wall:

The other budget saving, as well as pleasing décor option, is giving your wall a timeline theme with your family pictures. A gallery on the living room wall will help you to keep the memories fresh and alive. For this, all you need is to get hold of creativity that would allow you to save your cost for buying accessories for wall décor. You can also display old postcards to add a personal touch of style to your living room wall.

4. Recycle cans and bottles:

The other adventurous yet budget friendly way to enhancing your décor is by recycling cans and bottles. You can get creative by cutting them into different shapes and painting them with vibrant colors so that they can serve as a central piece of décor for your center and side tables. The best way to organize them is to use them in a group of different sizes to create an impact.

5. Spruce up your sofas:

Don’t get worried about how to meet budget for the new statement pieces of furniture. It is a wrong perception that every time you plan to decorate your home you have to purchase a brand new couch. All you need to do is invest some energy in making a mini-make over to your living space furniture by either giving it a new polish or using the hybrid table saw to neatly cut the rough edges. Changing the fabric with colorful floral patterns can further help you to add a natural touch to your space. Another option is to swap the pillows of one room with another. A little mixing and matching is a guaranteed way to get a fresh look with almost no effort.

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