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Are you looking to add style to your home, but don’t have a big a budget to work with? You can give your home décor a complete makeover with items you can easily create yourself. With a bit of creativity, and possibly an online tutorial or two, you can create almost any piece of décor for a fraction of the price you would find it in stores.


Rugs are a great way to both liven up and bring warmth to a room, but that can also get expensive. With a bit of scrap fabric and a crochet hook you can easily make a rug on your own. The rug can be as little, or as big as you want, and it can even be made for free if you use bits of fabric (like old t-shirts) that you already have at home.

Wall Art

Bare walls are boring, but art can quickly turn into a budget buster. You can brighten up your walls on your own by creating art to hang and it doesn’t have to look a kindergartener did it. For example, you can frame fabric by stretching it over a piece of plywood that has been cut to fit in your chosen frame, then placing it under the frame before hanging it on your wall.

You can also create hanging art by tying yarn around a wooden dowel or even a sturdy branch from outside. And if you want to take your wall art to the next level consider creating your own paintings using tape and objects around your home to play around with different designs or trying pouring methods to create one of a kind pieces. Give these a try to bring life to your walls and create conversation pieces within your home.

Chalkboard Wall

Your kids are going to write on your walls, whether you want them to or not. You might as well give them an area where it’s okay to write on the wall. They can let their creativity flow, and you can easily clean it up.

Pick a wall in the house where the kids spend a lot of their time, or even a door in a high traffic area like your kitchen, and paint the wall using a sponge and chalk paint. Paint two light coats of paint, waiting four hours between coats for best results.

You can jazz up a chalkboard wall by putting a piece of wood under it to form a holder for the chalk, like a traditional classroom chalkboard would be. Or you could even paint a smaller section of a wall with the paint, then frame it with wood pieces to create a DIY menu board in your kitchen or dining room.

Garlands for Every Season

Garlands provide a pop of color and can be easily changed for each season or holiday. They can also be a lot of fun to make, and the entire family can get involved. In the fall you can collect leave, them dip them in beeswax before stringing them up to hang on your mantle or wall.

At Christmas you string popcorn, berries, and wintergreen in a similar fashion, and in the spring and summer you can use real, or even paper or silk, flowers to brighten up the space.

Kitchen Planters

Kitchen planters do triple duty as both a home décor item, provides food for your family, and can also help purify the air in your home.  You can make these planters easily by repurposing mason jars or old tin coffee cans. Paint the outside of the cans to match the rest of your décor and hang tags with twine to identify the plants. Herbs such as thyme, cilantro, and oregano are easy to grow. You can even make your own tea by growing mint.

Home décor is a great way to bring color and personality to your home. Being on a budget doesn’t have to condemn you to bare walls and boring décor. Tap into your creativity side with these projects to create a home you are happy to walk into each day.